Who Cares?


Does anyone care if I get to Z? I’m burning myself out this April.

Does anyone care if I miss letters?  I’ve done 12 and have 14 more to do.

Who cares if the games are obscure? O is going to be tough, perhaps N even – and then there’s X and Y.

Does anyone care if I haven’t played all the games? I’ve never played on anything but a PC – Nintendo and PlayStation seem to have evaded me. Yet, many of the biggest franchises have been console games.

Do I care what happens? Well, I hate starting and leaving anything half-finished. I don’t like un-finished reads. But most of my draft novels are unfinished.

So why not my posts?

Maybe, I can just post the titles. Or be kind and give some clues – like in a puzzle game.

Except…I care and that hurts now – along with my fingers, head and more. I wish I could lie down.

6 thoughts on “Who Cares?

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I have a similar blog infrequency.
    I write when I like, what I like. But I do enjoy A to Z posts. Every year I think I won’t make it, but almost every year I turn out 26 posts – even if some of them are posted a little late.
    This year I decided to pick a theme that I didn’t have to research heavily on. And that’s made it easier.


    • I should learn from your approach of less research – hahahee. My theme was meant to be easy, but it isn’t…nor was last year’s or the ones before. I never make it easy – but I struggle through to 26.


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