Azure Spark

Azure Spark is a 19,000-word Detective Sparkle Anwyl story in twenty-six parts, set in North Wales. It was written for the Blogging from A to Z April (2019) Challenge, and is referenced in my first Snowdon Shadows novel, Fevered Fuse.

Although Sparkle & Co., resolved the Azure Spark case, an arson investigation was left ongoing – my ‘O for Obstruction’ post,  for the bi-monthly WEP/IWSG Challenge. April’s theme was ‘Jewel Box’ which became the name of the torched gift shop. Sadly, that case remains unresolved – apologies.

However, I managed to schedule all my A-to-Z posts on the correct days, but I noted some editing errors. So, after the Challenge, I reposted the edited story in three acts:

Act One

Act Two

Act Three

I hope you enjoy this three-act story.