Gossamer Steel

Dewy Cobweb

Dewy Cobweb ~ by Norman Hyett

Gossamer Steel is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) set on a post-apocalyptic earth, with two distinct game-worlds, one fantasy and one bio-tech. The game features four playable races, and three character classes, each with twenty-two upgradable abilities. Like other role-playing games dialogue choices affect the outcome of events, and quests can be tackled in a freeform order.

Introduction to Gossamer Steel

Once the Ravagers plundered the world for its resources, with no heed to the future and secure in their own supremacy. But the universal spirit had other plans and a devastating solar pulse unleashed the apocalypse.  The dependence on unfettered technology proved mankind’s undoing and the source of widespread destruction. The planet cleansed itself of the parasites, although two enclaves remained, the potential saviours of life.

In the far north amidst snow and ice, the herders survived and discovered that the echoes of magic and myth took route in their ancestral home, Sapmi.  On the other side of the globe, in the heat and jungle of Padma, the remnants of science and technology sought for a new path out of the chaos.  Eventually the two forged links using portals in the fabric of space, and together they have the chance to rebuild, although still divided by their differences.

July Snow in the Uinta Mountains, Utah

July Snow in the Uinta Mountains, Utah (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)

Choices in Gossamer Steel

Rumour abound that the Ravagers survived and wish to return.  Players can choose the path of saviours or ravagers, starting in either Sapmi or Padma. Their actions will decide when and how the Ravagers will return, as well as the fate of the earth. However, the two starting points have crucial differences as in Sapmi magic prevails, while in Padma it is science & technology.  Neither force works effectively in the other enclave e.g: in Padma you can learn to use firearms, but in Sapmi, they malfunction. Magic works in Padma but is restricted in its usage, as science still prevails.

The races:

Only humans start in Padma and Sapmi.  The magical mythological races start in their respective areas. Rakshasas (Demons), Apsaras (Nymphs) and Gandharvas (Nature spirits) start in Padma. Alfar (Elves), Trolls, and Dvergar (Dwarves) start in Sapmi.


Warriors – fighters proficient with all bladed, barbed and blunt weapons – use medium to heavy armour. Elite forms:  Valkyrie (Sapmi) and Rajput (Padma)

Rangers – stealthy fighters proficient with a bow and blade; can specialise as rogue assassins OR as archer snipers.

Clerics – Healers that can concentrate on healing or dual as a warrior.

Mages – Magic users able to use powerful range and melee magic

Therians: Shape-shifting warriors – Berserker (Sapmi) and Naguals (Padma)

+ Shamans – magic users who can summon elementals and transform into one of elementals

Quests – these reflect the predominant force in each area and where it impacts on the main story-line, players have multiple endings decided by their own actions. Quests avoid repeat returns to the same area unless these are repeatable or daily quests. NPCs don’t ask players to do one errand and when that is complete another in the same area.

Combat skill system is also unique to each enclave although some weaponry is transferable: blades still work in Padma and martial art skills work in Sapmi.  Also taming can work in Padma but not summoning.  Some medecine & herbal remedies work in both worlds.

The Evolution of the BrickArms Damien Blade

The Evolution of the BrickArms Damien Blade (Photo credit: enigmabadger)

Tapping/Kill Stealing (KS):        If players are not in a party, they can assist another player. However if the intent is to steal the kill, drops &/or experience so the other player rejects their help and hits the Z key, a higher level monster will spawn and attack the offending player. These ‘metas’ will keep raising their level and their attack skills until the offender is driven off or dead.        

PvP and Outlaws:        Specific areas of Gossamer Steel are set aside where players can openly attack other players. Players can also choose to fight duels anywhere. However, if one player kills another player outside of designated areas or duelling, then the killer becomes an outlaw – indicated by a red name – and they can be attacked with impunity. Also all city guards will attack outlaws and kill or catch them. Outlaws when caught will serve jail time and be unable to buy their freedom for up to a week depending on the number of victims.

Crafting: all characters can learn basic resource gathering and crafting from blacksmithing to cooking but at level 25, players are able to learn a new skill tree to quest in the second enclave from where they start:

Sapmi:        Elemental magic OR Whispering (Taming) OR Healing including herbalism & alchemy  OR Master Smithing (weapons & armor)

Padma:        Weaponry incl firearms & martial arts OR Mechanics including driving & flying OR Computer skills including surveillance OR Research incl medecine.

Players can also choose to Master certain skills earning experience, whereby they can follow a non-martial route and access to higher level areas as a trader – but not as an adventurer unless they choose to level up as both.

Housing: Individual characters can acquire houses while guilds can build strongholds follow the guidelines set within their enclave.

Future expansions:  Since the storyline is about the rebuilding of a planet for life and humanity, there is room for expansion.  Developers have hinted at an expansion of Sapmi into a new enclave that could be the steppes or tundra.  Due to the Ravagers possible return, Padma could find lost colonies of survivors beneath the sea or even off-world.

“Gossamer Steel” is published by the gaming company Prinaka in Bangalore, India.

Yamuna (Jumna) River

Yamuna (Jumna) River (Photo credit: Lava)

But, the game appears in my cyber-mystery “Wyrm Bait” and is therefore entirely fictional, as is Prinaka and all the tales associated with the “Gossamer Flames” series.

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