A to Z Challenge 2018


The aim of my Blogging From A to Z Challenge is to find the origins of online games, some relatively modern and some with ancient roots. Gaming might well be a modern take on an art that is almost timeless – storytelling. A perfect excuse for a writer to delve a little deeper.

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Theme Reveal – Theme Reveal Post Part II + Post I

Here are the 26 letters that will develop into my posts for the April 2018 Blogging from A to Z Challenge, aka A2ZMMORPG – A to Z Musings Muster Original Roots Per Game:

A is for Assassin’s Creed

B is for Baldur’s Gate

C is for Conan Exiles

D is for Defiance

E is for Elder Scrolls

F is for Frankenstein

G is for Guns or Butter

H is for Hellblade

I is for Indiana Jones

J is for Jumanji

K is for King Arthur

L is for Lord Of The Rings

M is for Might & Magic

N is for Nexus

O is for Onigiri

P is for Perfect World

Q is for Quake

R is for Resident Evil

S is for Star Wars

T is for Tomb Raider

U is for Ultima

V is for Vindictus

W is for Witcher

X is for X-Men

Y is for Ys

Z is for Zelda

Hela da