Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2020

As I’ve been doing the A to Z Challenge since 2014, I decided for 2020 to re-blog my best posts from the 2014 to 2019 Challenges.

Those themes were:

2014: Gossamer Flames – research nuggets for the game-world I created for ‘Wyrm Bait’, which evolved into my post-apocalyptic saga.

2015: The War of 1812 – historical research for a diary that appears in my Snowdon Shadows novel, ‘Seeking A Knife’.

2016: A Brilliant Conspiracy – a mystery, deadly poisons, and best-bet horses. However, the posts were weird, so they’re best archived and not re-aired.

2017: History of Kanata – an alternative history triggered by Leif Eriksson colonising Vinland and forging an enduring legacy with the indigenous people.

2018: A2ZMMORPG – an investigation into the Origins of various On-line Games, including the literature or folklore behind them.

2019: Azure Sparkle – an early case for Detectives Sparkle Anwyl and Kamatchi Pillai of the North Wales Police. A novella in the Snowdon Shadows series.

These are the posts for the official 2020 A to Z days as scheduled:

A for Assault (2019)

B for Brock (2015)

C for Corylus Avellana (2014)

D for Donibane 1914 (2017)

E for Elder Scrolls (2018)

F for Feeniks (2014)

G for Göta älv 1036 (2017)

H for Hellblade (2018)

I for Impressment (2015)

J for Jeopardy (2019)

K for Kitsune (2014)

L for LOTRO (2018)

M for Maid of Norway 1317 (2017)

N for Native (2014)

O for Ontario (2015)

P for Plague 1350 (2017)

Q for Quisling (2014)

R for Rurikid Diarchy 1933 (2017)

S for SWTOR (2018)

T for Treachery (2019)

U for United States Navy (2015)

V for Vijayanagara Confederation 1929 (2017)

W for Witcher (2018)

X for Xerarch (2014)

Y for York (2015)

Z for Zaachila 1521 (2017)

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