Should I apologise?

I feel that I should apologise to the readers of this intermittent Blog as I have been silent for so long.  I’ve not been on holiday or even lazing around in the sun, although there has been at least one evening out listening to a concert and watching a Spitfire flyby plus fireworks at my family home, Borde Hill in West Sussex.  I’ve also spent a bit of time chilling by hunting orcs, brigands and other fell creatures in Middle Earth but that has been after a day’s work – and my wife has been reading Lord of the Rings aloud, a few chapters each day.

In fact most of them time, MS symptoms and spasms permitting, I’ve been doing another ‘final’ revision of Spiral of Hooves and deciding which agents I should submit the synopsis and first three chapters to.  The revision is finished although I will probably re-read those first three chapters for words and threads still astray.  I also have to adapt a long synopsis that I wrote in January so it is shorter and a better reflection of the novel.  ThenI should be ready to write the covering letters to my first five submissions.

So should I apologise?  Probably as you may have been wondering where I disappeared to – apologies.

At least I must apologise to myself for failing to stick to my self-imposed blog routine. Hopefully next Friday I can write a proper update and establish the routine of a weekly blog day. Tenna’ san’  = until then.

Until we meet again the Silver Scribbler wishes you all Good Writing & May the Wings of Imagination grant you freedom to soar.