Work Progression – or not

SPIRAL OF HOOVES: My first novel – a mystery set against the equestrian world of eventing.  First Book in ‘Chasseur’ series.  The novel was published on Monday December 9th 2013, by Spectacle Publishing Media Group More details on dedicated page here.

French researcher Armand Sabatier witnesses the murder of a rider in Canada, but a snowstorm obliterates the evidence and traumatic images from his past smother his memories.  When his friend Gilles Boissard employs another young woman, Carly Tanner, as the replacement head groom in England, events resurrect the memories and the nightmares. Armand is forced to unravel a plot to pervert the breeding of competition horses, before it claims other victims

TORTUOUS TERRAIN: Second Book in ‘Chasseur’ series and sequel to Spiral of Hooves. I’ve been expanding the story idea with more details from characters to outline plot. The first draft was written for NaNoWriMo in November 2013.

Are the McGonagle sisters cursed to die young? Is someone responsible for the accidental deaths of their ancestors? Or has the family buried some other secret that threatens their lives? Assigned to protect the horse-obsessed McGonagle daughters, a security expert turns to his partner to uncover the dangers lurking behind equestrian competition in the Rockies. But they are both strangers in the worlds of rodeo and endurance, while their suspects multiply with each death.

WYRM BAIT: My second novel – first in the ‘Gossamer Steel’ cyber-mystery series set against the world of online gaming.  First draft written in July 2011 and revised with new second POV in September 2012. 3rd revision has been critiqued & edited, and major revision needed I fear

Mugged in a tavern while entranced by a woman, Norman Silver exits a game, Gossamer Steel, to find his life as a supermarket shelf stacker threatened when his bank account is hacked.  Struggling to regain his identity, he is forced to delve deeper into a digital world where avatars blur the distinction between trustworthy allies and cyber-criminals.  Pursued in real life and online, he is forced to trust an enigmatic character, Coryll, who could be his protector or the siren assassin sent to kill him.

WYRM BLOOD: Sequel to Wyrm Bait, continuing the ‘Gossamer Steel’ cyber-mystery series set against the online world although this time beyond gaming.  Started first draft for NaNoWriMo November 2012 and finished draft in January 2013.

Kazumi Patrick finds a body-less skull with an eight of hearts tarot card nailed to its crown, the forensic investigation deduces that the victim was a woman who is alive, at least online as a virtual property agent. On holiday in the US with his partner, Norman Silver is dragged into the investigation when he meets a psychopath wanted by the FBI.

THE LAST LEAF: My NaNoWriMo 2011 offering – a fantasy mystery that has been sitting marinading in the bottom drawer since beginning of December 2011. Will be part of the Gossamer Flames saga.

Still blaming himself for his wife’s death in a fire twenty years earlier, disgraced and dying scholar Oliver Skaptaran sets out on a final journey to expose the society that he believes has rewritten the past. Oliver’s academy appoints a rival favoured scholar to oversee an expedition to investigate agreed archaeological sites. They are aided by
Kefira, a young forest warden who seems determined to ensure that only the official conclusions are reached whatever the cost.

FATES MAELSTROM: A psychological mystery that I put in the bottom drawer at the end of April 2012. Being relocated to North Wales, with the addition of a new character – Welsh detective, Sparkle Anwyl. First of the Snowdon Shadows series. Current principal project for 2018.

Accused of murdering her grandfather and condemned by her Romany blood, Twyla Locke faces prejudice,  family tradition, a mysterious double and declining health as she fights to prove her innocence and save her eviction-threatened community.  How far can she trust policewoman Sparkle Anwyl? The arrival of Brogan Keyes, an American journalist offering his assistance, seems too contrived, especially when he claims to know about the Lockes’ past. Twyla fears that she is the victim of a scam that can only end in her death.


Early English Naval Dirk With Sheath

SEEKING A KNIFE: Originally a detailed outline for a WWII TV series that never materialized, but now the basis for my next ‘series’ under creation. Same themes different conflict. The main action of this novel is set in North Wales and features the same Welsh detective as “Fates Maelstrom”, Sparkle Anwyl, now a detective sergeant.

Is the antique naval dirk a murder weapon? Tracking down a scam artist, Welsh detective, Sparkle Anwyl reopens a century old cold case that exposes local family history and lies.  Nita Palmour, a young Native American journalist,  receives an old diary written by a Welsh naval officer, Gregory Wendell, during the War of 1812. Mystified about the diary’s origin, Nita traces his struggle to survive the war and remain true to his beliefs. Two worlds are pulled together as their actions impact on those around them. 

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