Adaptations Unmasked


A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal – #AtoZChallenge #ThemeReveal

When I discovered that it was A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal day, I had been relaxing for my day oblivious to the work ahead.

I hadn’t even remembered to sign-up – well, in fact, my thoughts were still drifting around what I scribbled down after 2017’s challenge. I had a list of places in North Wales that were linked to my Welsh detective series.

Change of plan. I’m heavily into the rewrite of my first Welsh mystery. Do I need to get deeper into my world, or do I need a distraction? I have that: reading other books, watching movies, and gaming. Three more lists began to emerge – and a link.

The Lord of the Rings: a book – a re-visited trilogy, great movie adaptations and an immersive game. All firm favourites.

And LOTRO is not the only game with roots (or cuttings) – Conan, Star Wars, Tomb Raider, and the Welsh medieval masterpiece, The Mabinogion.

So, my theme might be ‘gaming’ in inspiration, but its roots are ancient. Do all games have such roots? What about other adaptations? Gaming might well be a modern take on an art that is almost timeless – storytelling.

Where did Shakespeare borrow his tales from? Who is re-telling his?

And how about testing your wits against The Bard:

That’s all folks. I’m off to do my research – there are a few letters to find. X is okay but what about Q?


UPDATE: Tuesday, 20th March 2018.

Apologies, yesterday I forgot to link this post to the main Blogging from A to Z Challenge page so readers could find out more about this amazing annual event. So, today I am adding some links in the hope that helps explain more than I have.

I’m switching off for now as my brain is getting overloaded and confused = short-circuiting, stress time. (I hate MonSters and losing my Spoons.)


16 thoughts on “Adaptations Unmasked

  1. Roland, to be perfectly honest, you got me at Lord of the Rings 😉
    It sounds an awesome theme and so different from the ones I’ve seen in your chalelnges so far.
    I’m so happy you joined!

    As a side note, I’ve reader LotR with a group of reader last summer, after more than a decade, and I’ve fallen for it all over again. With a few from the same group, I’ve kept going and we are easing our way though the History of Middle Earth now, which I’ve never read before. So much fun!
    I’ve even blogged about it. I know it has nothing to do with my blog theme, but I just had to. I know, I’m a fallen woman…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Sarah. Lord of the Rings has been a starting point for so much for me. I read it as a teenager and haven’t looked back – or rather I’ve looked back in time in a different way. The past has roots of so much.


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