#AtoZChallenge: Reflection

A-to-Z Reflection [2018]

2018 was my fifth Blogging From A to Z Challenge and the aim of my theme was “to find the origins of online games, some relatively modern and some with ancient roots. Gaming might well be a modern take on an art that is almost timeless – storytelling” …

This was a perfect excuse for a writer to delve a little deeper, in some cases finding the myths and legends that had inspired a new generation of storytellers. I wasn’t surprised at how many had ‘ancient roots’, nor was I surprised that there were universal themes arising.

However, I was intrigued how many cultures were represented as I expected most games had Celtic, Norse, Japanese or Chinese roots. Okay, I half-expected Korean mythology to work in somewhere as South Korea has a large games industry. The surprise was (a) the cross-fertilization between cultures – see Z is for Zelda; (b) the use of less prominent mythologies – see W is for Witcher.

I was pleased that most of the posts inspired comments, even a little debate. However, I was amazed that J is for Jumanji,  K is for King Arthur and T is for Tomb Raider received none – especially when R is for Resident Evil received six comments, excluding my replies. (I replied to every comment.) Was that because Resident Evil is the most successful game-to-movie adaptation? Or was it because King Arthur has been overdone in everything from legend to Hollywood blockbuster?

Maybe I spent too much time trying to get the posts out. I admit that I didn’t visit many A-to-Z bloggers beyond the ones that I follow regularly – I have a lot of catching-up to – in the Road Trip. (The Road Trip is where bloggers continue to visit each other from May thru March.)

However, as well as my posts linking with my Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts, I did manage to add my post-address to the Daily Lists as well to my comments on other sites. Towards the end of the Challenge, I was writing the following day’s post with a few hours to spare – and I consistently forgot the #AtoZchallenge hashtag, except on my Theme post.

My frantic approach was partly because I hadn’t even remembered to sign-up until mid-March. That began some in-depth research which included some ‘product testing’. I need to give myself time in future if I am going to reduce the pressure and visit more sites.

Looking ahead to the Road Trip is coming on May 23, I’m trying to decide which was my favourite post and why. Will the writing-related research or the gaming-experience lift the award?

H is for Hellblade or L is for Lord of the Rings? Or maybe something unexpected.

What would you choose?


17 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: Reflection

    • You were one of my best visitors, Ellen – thanks. I need the Road Trip to at very least re-connect with visitors to this site over the years – the faithful clientele. 🙂


    • Hi, Alex. Break beats A to Z – but don’t tell Lee. As for Resident Evil, it was one of your posts on video games-to-movies that reminded me to include Resident Evil – there were five other ‘R’ games that I had played. [Will return the visit later.]


  1. I’m so happy I stumbled across what you were doing here, even if it was later down the line. I’m generally a wreck when it comes to visiting other blogs, so I don’t think I got around to reading any of your older posts from when I jumped in except for Hellblade. You did convince me to buy the game whenever I get a PS4 though, so gold star for you, haha

    Awesome them though sir, I look forward to popping over from time to time and see what else you write on. Keep rocking the blog world!

    Song a Day
    Reflections As A Daily Blog

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    • I’m glad you stumbled across me, Noah, as I added a cool music blog site – + I got a theme for my 2019 A to Z. Enjoying your classic rock posts…and others since Lou Reed and Velvet Underground expanded my horizons.

      Hoping that Hellblade is as good as I said – when you get it on PS4. I’ve yet to go back in as engrossed in Witcher 3 for now.

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  2. Congratulation on completing the challenge, Roland! It was a very unique one. I’m not really a gamer, but I loved reading of the history bahind the different games.

    I wouldn’t know about the lack of comments of a few posts. Taht might depend on any reason other than the subject of the post itself. Those theme are indeed very popular.

    I still have a lot of catch up to do… including on your blog, so I’m looking forward for the Road Trip too 🙂

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    • That might be the same reason that I didn’t get comments, Jen – or rather a variation: I added some posts to the list later than usual, or when I noticed the link hadn’t worked. I hope others stumble onto our blogs in the unfolding future.


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  4. Great job on finishing your 5th Challenge! Finishing once is quite and accomplishment, but 5 is epic. I know what you mean about not making the rounds as much as one might like, but we all have other things to do and that activity of visiting and commenting can be quite an undertaking.

    Thanks for participating once again and sharing your thoughts with us in your Reflections post.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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    • Thanks for the visit and the praise, Lee. At least, I have a few months to visit some of the other participants – the ones that I’ve allowed to reciprocate with first, and then a few more…perhaps.


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