N for Nefarious – #atozchallenge


“A Brilliant Conspiracy” Episode 14.

Blurb & other Episodes


Nefarious operators protest. Quayside alibis remove suspects bar three fanatical gamblers united in ketch manoeuvres.

Vocal witnesses, demanding justice, call Xander, Yoshi, especially Zollie, lucripetous humgruffins.



Humgruffin                 terrible person

Ketch                           a two-masted, fore-and-aft rigged sailing boat with a mizzenmast stepped forward of the rudder and smaller than its foremast.

Lucripetous                 eager for gain


Archibald’s ‘Horse of the Day’


Nijinsky could have been my Nap in 1970 for the Englsh Triple Crown, but then he was the last horse to win that.


Jamila’s ‘Daily Poison’


Narcissus (incl. Narcissus poeticus); All Narcissus species contain the alkaloid poison lycorine, mostly in the bulb but also in the leaves;

Distribution: Southern Europe and Mediterranean in origin, but worldwide;

Toxic principle: Toxicity varies with species, N. poeticus being more toxic than N. pseudonarcissus, for instance. Members of the monocot subfamily Amaryllidoideae present a unique type of alkaloids, the norbelladine alkaloids, which are 4-methylcatechol derivatives combined with tyrosine.

Symptoms: The toxic effects of ingesting Narcissus products for both man and animals (such as cattle, goats, pigs and cats) have long been recognised and they have been used in suicide attempts. Salivation, acute abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea, then neurological and cardiac events, including trembling, tetanic convulsions, paralysis and death.


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The Challenge runs over 26 days – with Sundays off for good behaviour – and each day will be based on the alphabet, from A through to Z.

Read more about the Challenge I set myself in my Theme Reveal:

Blogging from A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 2016

For more on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge and to visit the other brave bloggers, go to the official site and this linky list.



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