K for Kidney – #atozchallenge


“A Brilliant Conspiracy” Episode 11.

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Kidney failure blaming laurel ingestion mirrors, notably, other poisons.

“Quixotic reasoning,” deduced Jamila.

Except her suspects traditionally cultivated unkempt vegetation with xyris, yaupon, and zebra grass.



Quixotic          extremely idealistic; unrealistic and impractical.

Xyris               a genus of flowering plants in the Yellow-eyed-grass family.

Yaupon           a holly of the southern US. Sometimes dried and brewed as a tea, its bitter leaves contain caffeine and have emetic properties.

Zebra grass      ‘Zebrinus’ is a deciduous grass with arching, linear leaves bearing transverse bands of cream or pale yellow


Toxic grass: http://homeguides.sfgate.com/poisonous-ornamental-grasses-22480.html

Yaupon toxicity: http://www.pawsdogdaycare.com/toxic-and-non-toxic-plants/yaupon




Archibald’s ‘Horse of the Day’


Kincsem was a Hungarian mare that won 54 races for 54 starts against female and male rivals in five countries. Backing the most successful Thoroughbred racehorse ever would have yielded 54 cool Kites.


Jamila’s ‘Daily Poison’


Kissing bug (Triatoma species);

Distribution: Latin America, United States;

Toxic principle: unknown;

Symptoms: bite usually painless; later itching, edema about the bite, nausea, palpitation, redness; the bite is of relatively minor importance but spreads Chagas disease caused by a trypanosome (protozoan)


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The Challenge runs over 26 days – with Sundays off for good behaviour – and each day will be based on the alphabet, from A through to Z.

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