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“A Brilliant Conspiracy” Episode 10.

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Jamila Knox’s CV lists many non-conformist occupations. Pathology quests reveal sinister truths, undoubtedly venenation.

Wielding a xyster, yellowed bones display zarontin injections. Except hematology gainsays fears.


Hematology                the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the blood and bone marrow as well as of the immunologic, hemostatic (blood clotting) and vascular systems.

Venenation                  poisoning

Xyster                         surgeon’s instrument for scraping bones

Zarontin                      Trade name for Ethosuximide, an anti-epileptic medication.



Archibald’s ‘Horse of the Day’


John Henry to give some early 1980s “steel-drivin’ Juice from 39 career victories.


Jamila’s ‘Daily Poison’


Jimsonweed or thornapple (Datura stramonium);

Distribution: temperate and tropical regions;

Toxic principle: hyoscine, hyoscyamine, atropine;

Symptoms:      headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, thirst, dry and burning sensation in skin, mental confusion, mania, loss of memory, convulsions, death; children are often poisoned by eating seeds or sucking flowers.



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The Challenge runs over 26 days – with Sundays off for good behaviour – and each day will be based on the alphabet, from A through to Z.

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