W for Wharfage – #atozchallenge


“A Brilliant Conspiracy” Episode 23

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Wharfage records unequivocal evidence; ketch movements finger vexed litigants.

Xemes groan outside the pitted courthouse. A youthful judge demands silence.

No zanyism inside his quirky bailiwick.



Bailie               1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Scotland) a municipal magistrate; 2. (Professions) an obsolete or dialect spelling of bailiff

Bailiwick         1. the district within which a bailie or bailiff has jurisdiction; 2. a person’s area of skill, knowledge, authority, or work.

Wharfage        (Nautical Terms) 1. accommodation for ships at wharves; 2. a charge for use of a wharf; 3. wharves collectively.

Xeme               a fork-tailed gull

Zanyism          buffoonery


Archibald’s ‘Horse of the Day’


Winning Colors appealed to this ladies’ man, as she was the third filly to win the Kentucky Derby (1988). Another Win so I won’t Welch on this pay-out.


Jamila’s ‘Daily Poison’


Weever fish (Trachinus draco);

Distribution: Mediterranean Sea;

Toxic principle: weever fish venom, chemistry unknown;

Symptoms: opercular and dorsal fin spines can produce instant pain, burning, stabbing or crushing sensation; pain spreads and becomes progressively more intense, causing the victim to scream with anguish and suffer loss of consciousness, numbness about the wound, swelling, redness, nausea, delirium, difficulty in breathing, convulsions, and death; no known antidote.



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The Challenge runs over 26 days – with Sundays off for good behaviour – and each day will be based on the alphabet, from A through to Z.

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