Thursday is cancelled- maybe forever


Today’s Thursday Creation Review has been trampled on by an invasion – an invasion and occupation that might impact on the next few posts. I’m praying – and might make a sacrifice as well – to create an inspired space for some writing, or at least scribbling.

Beyond kids that must scream, yell and stomp, setting the dogs barking, I have the MS reactions to deal with. Loud noises and excessive input triggers spasms and meltdowns.

I am writing this on Thursday evening – well, I started yesterday morning with the now-shelved review– and this ramble might be posted before midnight Honolulu time.

It didn’t help to have a collection agency insist that we owed $40,000 for a bill that was fifteen years old and not even ours. Somehow, we will placate them before they foreclose on our house.

I’m coping badly with step-great-grandkids, especially when they ask me to read, interrupt me, say they were falling asleep at the end, then stomp off leaving me to put their mess away. Never again – MS makes reading aloud a struggle that kids can’t understand.

As for writing, that’s mentally scrambled and splintered. But I intend to write something for the WEP Challenge on Monday – if the kids give me space…and my protagonist co-operates.

Dolbadarn Castle

Photo of Dolbadarn Castle, Snowdonia by Etrusia UK on Flickr

8 thoughts on “Thursday is cancelled- maybe forever

  1. Dude, that sucks, Roland. Your step-great-grandkids sound like my 4yo. Drives me nuts when I’m trying to read to him and his sister, and he’s constantly squirming, interrupting with questions, then throwing a tantrum when I tell him to stop both. And yes, I’m constantly telling him to stop stomping.

    I hope things improve and quickly. And I hope that bill gets figured out and the collection agency accepts that they’ve got the wrong people.

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    • I hope they aren’t so challenging for you, Jacqui. We have fifteen grandkids and five greats – not all are hell’uns. Strange thing is that I never had kids of my own – I just ended up with this instant family when I’d retired and re-married.


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