No, it isn’t a new kind of deviant game (shame! shame!) It’s a writers’ game and I was delighted to receive this invitation on Facebook, from my author friend, Ailsa Abraham – this links to her post… and more.

WIP-tease: Post any paragraph from your work in progress, then tag three others.

Thanks for naming me, Ailsa, although I was torn between my ‘NIP’ and my ‘WIP’. NIP meant trying to find something from my Novel in Progress – “Fates Maelstrom” – but that needs WORK. So this is from my WIP = World in Progress.

Photo of a cloud illuminated by sunlight. ~ by Ibrahim Iujaz from Rep. Of Maldives

Photo of a cloud illuminated by sunlight. ~ by Ibrahim Iujaz from Rep. Of Maldives

The opening paragraph from the first tale in the “Gossamer Flames” series, provisionally entitled ‘Ghost Light’.

“Darkness should grant Arati the same protection as the others stealthing through the night. Darkness was perfect for keeping unwelcome eyes blind to their activities.But unwelcome eyes were in every shadow, she warned herself. They had always been there, one reason not to go outside after sunset. Besides, without light it was impossible to see the insects. Life was too precious to blunder blindly into the night, even to find seclusion for personal necessities. Someone moved ahead of her and she stiffened. Fellow dissident or police? Or something worse?”

‘Ghost Light’ will be available free, when revised, to all those that subscribe to my newsletter.

I am re-posting this on FB so that my tag-mates are properly invited. They are: Jane Bwye, Ashleigh Galvin, and Awen Thornber.

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