Horses for Courses: My Descent Into Crime

My first Guest Blog invitation was a chance to delve into my memories of an equestrian past. So today you can find me in the fresh air and wild exotic vistas on Jane Bwye’s website:

Jane Bwye

Join me today as I welcome Roland Clarke in a jolly mood, reminiscing about his life with – and without – horses. I judge dressage regularly at Borde Hill, Roland; never knew you were so closely involved with eventing there. My book also contains the beat of galloping hooves, albeit in an African setting. But your “Spiral of Hooves” is a joy to read for any horse-lover.


With my mother, Nidia Clarke, at Borde Hill Horse Trials 2005

Over to you, Roland… 

I wonder what my grandfather would think about my life. Would he feel that I had ignored his example? Have I failed to make proper use of my private school education? Would he approve of my involvement in crime? Hard to say, but I’m sure that he would be pleased that I hadn’t totally abandoned horses, but then he had predicted that I wouldn’t.


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