Carly Tanner ~ Leading Lady & Athlete

Indie Block Party Post 3: Interview with Carly Tanner from ‘Spiral of Hooves’


For my third post in the Indie Block Party I feel very privileged to be interviewing Carly Tanner the leading lady-athlete in ‘Spiral of Hooves’, who I have lived with now for over thirteen years.

1. What was your life like growing up?

In some ways simple and relaxed, well as much as growing up on a farm could be. But I suppose that was when I first learnt that there were chores to do and that animals had to die. I’m not sure whether that was why my dad, Peter went back to college and got his architect qualifications; but it was when my mother decided to focus on the horses rather than milking cows. I just wish she hadn’t put horses before her own health and her family. Or was that because dad buried himself in his work? Even now his building designs seem to come before horses. But he does support me, now that… mum’s dead.

2. Did your mum’s death change your dreams? What are your hopes for the future?

My mum is still central to my life. Finding her face down in the mud almost drove me to abandon everything. But I was unable to give up horses. There are moments when I wonder if I should resort to a nine-to-five office job, and become a weekend rider, but that isn’t me. I need to get back into the heart of my sport so I can show the potential of the horse my mother bred – Sylvan Torc. But it would not be sensible to accept the first job that seems to answer my dreams. My friends joke about finding the rich guy that can buy me anything – a way out of a life juggling to keep the income trickling in. They wonder why I mix horses with nights of pub work and waitressing. But despite the long, often dirty and wet hours, horses rule and I’m not ready to be bought.

sign on a truck, transporting horses

3. How would you describe your looks?

Nothing special, plain and fit enough to ride. Maybe that is meant to be muscle, as I have to exercise to help cope with my diabetes. Oh, and some guys tease me about being ginger, but not for long.

4. What do you think is going to happen next?

If I’m being honest there are too many unknowns, as well as my shortcomings, like my diabetes and my mixed success with horses. If this was some romantic fiction then that rich guy would make my dreams come true – once we’d gone through unimaginable problems getting together. But I’ve been having bad dreams lately – real weird ones. So I suspect that I’ll get involved in some crime. As long as I’m not the victim it will be a challenge, of sorts. Just please don’t harm the horses, they’re too precious, even the ones who are struggling to jump.

5. What prank or crime would you most likely pull/commit?

Does this question imply that I’m not going to be the victim? Thank god… or is that just my need to put bad luck behind me? If I get to commit something it would be a prank – like putting a horse inside someone’s house. Mind you I’m not sure how the horse would react. Rose fertiliser?

6. Who do you hate, and why?

Not sure that hate is right for Mick Roper, my ex-boyfriend. He proved to be more of an idiot and I should have chucked him out sooner. Waiting until I discovered about the affair was not soon enough. I hope by hate you don’t mean there is someone that I end up killing. I’m not the killer type. Am I? Or do they want to kill me? Doesn’t sound like Mick, maybe the bitch he went off with.

English: English singer Adele performing at th...

7. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

Adele’s 21 although some might say that this dates me. But when it came out in 2011 it meant so much with the album’s themes of anger, revenge, heartbreak, self-examination, and forgiveness. I was still torn up by my mother’s death the previous year and had to clutch at things that could help me through the tough times. Maybe it echoes the betrayal by Mick as well. Hopefully in time it will just be soulful music that evokes pleasant memories instead. Can I amend my choice in a few years? If I live that long.

8. What are your 3 most prized possessions?

My home-bred mare Sylvan Torc, my flat coated retriever Guinness – a 21st birthday present – and my mother’s family bible in French. Sadly I have no living ties with my French relations even though I speak the language. Not much call for French though in Sussex, or anywhere in England.

Flatcoat retriever teef.

Flatcoat retriever teef. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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13 thoughts on “Carly Tanner ~ Leading Lady & Athlete

  1. I really like her and all the details about her. I love that she questions you right back…”I’m not the killer type. Am I?” Fun! And I love her dog’s name of Guiness! So great!


    • Thanks Millie. Had to be a real interview to get into her head. Strangely dog was called Jackson originally – after Colin Jackson the Brit runner not some singer. But know a real Guinness lab plus love the velvet nectar.


  2. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know Carly in this, nice interview. Its interesting the factors that lead to developing a person, and a protagonist, setting the stage for the story.


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