For my second post in the Indie Block Party I present a snapshot of my current WIP, although I have others hovering in the background.

My current WIP is ‘Spiral Of Hooves, my first novel. A mystery set against the equestrian world of eventing, it is the first Book in the ‘Chasseur’ series.  In the final furlong, or stages, it is due to be published as an e-book in a few months, by Spectacle Publishing Media Group .


The idea originated from my experiences as an equestrian journalist, and from thoughts I had when I was living in Canada during the 1970’s.

BLURB: French researcher Armand Sabatier witnesses the murder of a rider in Canada, but a snowstorm obliterates the evidence and traumatic images from his past smother his memories.  When his friend Gilles Boissard employs another young woman, Carly Tanner, as the replacement head groom in England, events resurrect the memories and the nightmares. Armand is forced to unravel a plot to pervert the breeding of competition horses, before it claims other victims


The chair spun across the floor as Lina Jardero stood, fists punching the air.

Caramba, the coward’s emailed more ridiculous demands,” she said, then paused as if expecting answers. “Why does everyone interfere in my work? Doesn’t anyone realise that I’m the scientist? There has to be an end to this.”


This WIP was mainly written pantser style, which meant I got lost over the years. Since then I have always tended to be a plotter. I’ve Just finished writing outline for sequel ‘Tortuous Terrain’, which I intend to write for NaNoWriMo in November. Other novels hiding in drawers at various draft stages – all bar one plotted.

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Apologies if unable to post replies all the time but MS & time don’t fare well at the moment.

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12 thoughts on “CURRENT WIP

  1. Great blurb! I used to be a pantser too. Then, I decided to get organized to save my sanity.

    Good luck with this project!


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  3. They should leave her alone, she seems like she is going to kick someone’s ass.
    Pansing always got the best of me so I’m a plotter too. I will also be writing a sequel for NaNoWriMo this November.


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  5. I’m a basic plotter, but realize that I will end up pantsing it at some point because the characters will revolt and come up with a better idea than I had in the first place. But I like to have a general idea of where I want to go, and how I’m going to get there.


    • Hoping so Elaine. Ultimate test will be the readers who live & breathe horses every day.

      Going from a panster to a plotter was a logical step and in many ways a reaction to the blocks and dead-ends I hit or should I say falling on seat of my pants. But having tried it one way can be flexible when something/someone tells me to diverge from the outline.


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