Gilles Boissard ~ heroic playboy?

English: McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, ...

English: McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trying to find a suitable opportunity over the last thirteen years to interview Gilles Boissard has not been easy since he is a busy man. But he has taken time out from his hectic lifestyle to grant us this glimpse at his major role in ‘Spiral of Hooves’, or rather into what he knows as the tale opens.

First let me say, Monsieur Boissard that this is a belated pleasure.

Call me Gilles, Monsieur Boissard is my father, Roman. But we can ignore him.

Very well, but I need to ask what your life was like growing up in Canada?

Difficult in the sense that my father believed that he had all the answers having served in the Canadian Army. Fortunately my grandfather was wiser and ensured that I had what I required from a proper education to the means to ensure life was pleasurable.

So your family has money and….

Of course. The Boissards are a highly-respected family in the Province of Québec, with a very successful pharmaceutical business. We hold the patent on a number of medical advances, you know. Of course, I have concentrated on building up our equestrian enterprises, Boissard Équestre, despite my father’s interference.

I believe that you have had some success as a horseman.

Among various sports that I have devoted my time to including downhill racing in the winter. It’s been hard to excel at more than one sport but I can claim to have succeeded. Horses, of course, are my primary focus and I am always looking for new breeding stock. Recently I spent some months in Europe where I competed successfully at the same time.

Before the story in ‘Spiral of Hooves’ began, what were your hopes for the future?

I was committed to making Boissard Équestre a crucial part of Canadian eventing, primarily as breeders of medal-winning horses. It would have been satisfying to be a member of the Canadian team, and we had the horses.

What changed that?

Roman, as usual. He formed a crazy idea to involve Boissard Équestre in genetically modified feed trials, which failed miserably. Calisse, he nearly destroyed the business. But we are putting that behind us and the future is brighter.

We? Do you mean you and your friends?

Of course. We are a team. Our nutritionist, Lina Jardero and I were good friends at McGill University and I can rely on her advice, and on others. We try to help Armand Sabatier, who we met while at university as he’s a total book-worm, poor guy. But he means well, unlike Roman. My father wants to destroy everything.

English: McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, ...

English: McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So you hate him. Would you want him dead?

Criss, that’s a personal question. Let’s just say that I might have dreamed of it but I could never commit patricide. That’s not me. I’ll just stick to ignoring him.

Then how would you describe your personality?

Personable, good-hearted and generous. I am always ready to help my friends, and love giving people gifts when they deserve it.

And how would you describe your looks?

The women always tell me I’m tall, dark and handsome and who am I to argue.

So does that mean that there isn’t one special love? Would I be wrong to call you a playboy?

Playboy with serious ambitions, but why not enjoy life at the same time as buying horses. You know what they say about women and horses. And if there is someone special it’s remaining a secret – unless you’re implying I’m fated to meet some gorgeous woman in the first few chapters.

What’s your greatest ability?

As if that wasn’t obvious, spotting great talent whether it be equine or human and female. A great female rider on a superb horse would be the ultimate prize.

Do you see yourself as heroic?

Of course. Does that mean I am the hero of my own story? I deserve to be. Who’s the heroine? Bet she falls for my charm and I stop the villain, probably Roman. He’s more than qualified. What else can he do properly?

I’m guessing that Roman’s your bête noire. What do you like about other people?

Papa is merely a nuisance. With a few notable exceptions, people know what their role in life is and don’t try to step outside the confines of their situation. As such they can be fantastic company, especially when they appreciate the finest food and drink.

What do you think is going to happen next?

I meet the woman of my dreams and find the horse that can win me medals. I fear though that Roman will ruin everything as usual. He knows I’ve bought a stud in England and will try everything to stop us. Probably murder one of the team to spite me. Then I save the day.


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7 thoughts on “Gilles Boissard ~ heroic playboy?

    • Gilles will be pleased to learn that. But I don’t think Monsieur Roman Boissard would share that opinion. He has other ideas about his son’s worth. Maybe I should interview him next.


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