Who Is Roland Clarke?


INDIE BLOG PARTY Post 1: Introducing Myself


For this first post in the Indie Block Party, I will try to introduce myself to those readers joining this Grand Tour.

Although I started writing stories when I was a kid and tried to get short stories published in my late teens-early twenties, I have to be honest and say that I never saw myself as any sort of writer until I was much older.


I flirted with journalism in my early twenties but drifted into equestrian photography, then fruit & veg selling, then the TV & film industry. So I was forty when I returned to journalism and my equestrian articles got regularly published in various magazines. When after ten amazing years I had to retire due to ill health, multiple sclerosis, I turned my remaining energy to finishing my first novel, an equestrian mystery called ‘Spiral of Hooves’ – first in the Chasseur series.

Horses have remained a theme, especially as I have just outlined Book 2 in the Chasseur series, ‘Tortuous Terrain’. In other WIPs there are horses but in secondary or minor roles. There’s even one who can fold time & space…

All my current writing tends to be mysteries but in some cases with a touch of fantasy or supernatural. My reading covers crime and fantasy as does my TV and film viewing. Not surprising then that I try to combine them.


My spare time is spent playing Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games – from Lord of the Rings Online to current favourite Age of Conan Unchained.

My blog ‘Writing Wings’ is somewhat erratic, appearing when MS doesn’t bog me down with pain and exhaustion. I have to be inspired to write or I get very depressed with what I produce. The blogs aim is to track my experiences as a struggling fledgling writer. Hopefully there are a few gems in the blogs although I don’t profess to be an authority – those can be found on the Links page.

For other facts and dreams see About Me where there are links to Interviews by other writers.


For other Indie Block blogs visit: http://felwetzig.com/indie-block-party/

24 thoughts on “Who Is Roland Clarke?

  1. Thanks for joining in. You’re experiences, the equestrian ones especially, must be interesting as a writer now. I have heard almost no fantasy writer’s get horses right. I don’t think I’m the only one thats been scared out of writing them.

    Can’t wait to hear more. Until then, enjoy your MMORPGs


    • Enjoying the party although need to find time to visit everyone. Hope I get my horses right whether the writing is crime or fantasy. At least in fantasy there can be a few liberties – as long as the horse fits into the imagined world seamlessly. Will keep enjoying MMORPGs especially as wife is addict too.


    • Depends if you call riding a pony when I was very small and fell off all the time – but pretty sure I hated it. But then when I was about 17 I fell in love with a girl from a horsey background. Lost the girl but gained a true love of horses. And that was the real beginning… with various diversions.


  2. Roland, so nice to meet you. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. I love that you combine a couple different genre’s if you see fit. The joys of writing : )


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  4. Hi Roland,

    Just found you – already fascinated, though I’ve never ridden.
    Around midnight, years ago I lost a lens on Harlech beach – after a midnightish swim. Unbelievably, found it too,, in the sand. Same holiday, I’d left my boots behind, so climbed Cader barefoot.
    Back soon, trying to sort out our water supply (again)

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