D for Donibane

My 2020 Blogging from A to Z Challenge revisits my best posts from the 2014 to 2019 Challenges.

D for Donibane 1914 (2017)

My Kanata alternative history triggered by Leif Eriksson colonising Vinland, inspired me to rewrite some key episodes in history. I wanted the legacy forged by a Viking alliance with the indigenous people rippled down time. A 21st Century Viking Age.

This episode is a crucial stage in the development of the airships at the heart of modern Kanata. Before the ‘our timeline’ revelation, will you recognise the real historical event? Expect more alternative history ahead.

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12 thoughts on “D for Donibane

  1. History, and indeed alternative history fascinates me.
    History was badly taught when I was at school and was pretty much limited to dates, battles, rulers to be learnt by heart.
    I came to a broader unserstanding and appreciation later – and am making up for wasted time.
    Stay as well as you can, stay safe.

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      • I could not agree with you more. I did have one really good history professor in high school, but otherwise it was all very forgettable stuff. I didn’t really take an interest in history until I was out of school and started learning it on my own.

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        • I was lucky to have some excellent teachers who always inspired me. Well, the last at college knew less than I did as he was attempting to teach a subject I’d specialised in earlier. He was researching ahead of each class. LOL.

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    • Bring the Jubilee by Ward Moore set me on the AH reading road many years ago, Sue. Although I did the first draft of a 21st century Kanata novel and an outline history from 1000 to 2019 AD, I got diverted by my Welsh crime series. One day, I intend to finish the project.


  2. Fascinating Roland. Thanking for sharing your best posts this year. Such variety … the rescue of the French crew, did not go unnoticed …. Thanks also for the inspirational post for the 2020 Anthology. Might enter this year, although I feel very insecure faced with so much talent and still no award to show for my WEP endeavours … Afraid I won’t make the cut . Any suggestions ? Happy Easter and A to Z, will be stopping by again soon. Take care.

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    • Great to have you visit, Susan – I’m struggling to deal with my commitments, especially IWSG anthology. I nearly passed on entering, after so many rejections but was encouraged to enter. So, never give up writing your shorts, whether it’s WEP or IWSG. My only WEP Award was for comments – and that’s random. Stick with it – you have the talent.


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