Sparkle Anwyl: Comic Book Heroine?

I’m busy revising my WIP, Fevered Fuse – Book 1 in my Snowdon Shadow series – following some invaluable feedback from my three beta readers, which is allowing me to hone the novel some more.

Among the comments was an intriguing one from my diligent queer diversity reader:

Sparkle’s character is so strong and is so appealing, esp. to the younger generation who also love anime and comics, I wondered if you have considered getting an illustrator to have a look at your book and possibly create a comic book character out of her as well? I have a background in merchandising and I just kept thinking how unique and sexy Sparkle is – she could be perfect for merchandising, if you were interested in going that direction.

So, I pursued the idea – well, the first step on an intriguing road. I approached Jonathan Temples – the illustrator who did the cover for my debut novel, Spiral of Hooves and much more for other clients, and I asked him for a concept image.

What do you think of his image below? What does it say to you? What mood does it evoke? Which character is which? Where are we? Do you want to open the pages and read on? Or is this not how you envisage my characters?

Graphics by Jonathan Temples –

Okay, I’m trying to let you react before I say more.

This echoes a scene in the novel – with a little bit of artistic licence. For me – and my wife – it captures the right mood, the Welsh setting, and the two main characters. Jonathan made some suggested changes, but his initial drawing provided the right starting point.

But where do WE go from here?

Sparkle Anwyl and Kama Pillai need your input, please

10 thoughts on “Sparkle Anwyl: Comic Book Heroine?

  1. Words trigger strong images in my head ( I cannot watch movies of books I love because they clash with my own images) so this doesn’t speak to me.
    However, and it is a big however, I know I am in the minority here.
    This is certainly an idea worth exploring.

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    • Totally understand, Sue – I’ll admit I create a character’s image in my head when I read…and rarely find the celluloid versions fits. However, there are readers out there who gravitate to graphic novels and perhaps wouldn’t read a novel with solid text. I read both.


  2. I am so for this idea. I must admit though, I have ideas already established in my mind how these characters look, so I’m not sure who is who. Is Sparkle the one with short hair? In any case, it’s always an adjustment to seeing someone portray a character you love. I adore the Lunar Chronicles and when the Wires and Nerves spin-off came out, none of the characters looked how I imagined them, but it didn’t take away from how much I loved them moving forward. To reach a younger audience, this could totally be worth it. I know an author who’s released his 4 part book series also in graphic novel form and he does well reaching those who are only interested in one or the other.

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    • Interesting and an invaluable comment, Toi. I wasn’t sure at first, especially as Sparkle – on the left – had the braid, and Kama the short cut. I also agree with another of the beta readers, who felt Sparkle should have “more of an edge. Not overtly sulky like so many animated characters are, but smart and edgy.” However, maybe I need to be inspired to continue by that author that you know.


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  4. I immediately thought Sparkle was the one with the braid, Roland. I see no disconnect between a graphic novel character representation and imagining a character in a novel. I got over Viggo Mortensen as Strider in the LOTR movies and still see “my Strider” when reading the books. I loved the graphic. It definitely roused my interest. I haven’t read your WIP, but you might push sexy and edgy a little more for Sparkle. She definitely looks like a strong detective in the graphic, but I think she needs to “sparkle” a little more ~ sexier, but definitely not sulky.

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