A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal – Azure Spark

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal – #AtoZChallenge #ThemeReveal

This year, I am better prepared for today’s A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal day than I have been in recent years.

Initially, my thoughts had been drifting around the thoughts I scribbled down after 2017’s Challenge and kept adding to after last year’s Challenge. One ongoing possibility was to work with the list of places in North Wales that were linked to my Welsh detective series.

As many of you must know, I’ve been working on various aspects of Sparkle Anwyl’s career from the revision of her case, Fates Maelstrom, to short flash posts for WEP/IWSG. I have also been deliberating over what to do with my writing. Do I just blog more Sparkle posts? Do I focus on my Sparkle novel, Fevered Few?

Well, for the 2019 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, I will be releasing a new Sparkle Anwyl short story, called Azure Spark.

Aberdaron Beach, Gwynedd, looking towards Porth Meudwy – author: Skinsmoke https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Skinsmoke

Each day’s post will move the story forwards with the appropriate letter playing a prominent role. For instance, the letter A is for Assault as in the incident that triggers the story. This plays well with Sparkle’s idiosyncrasy of using mnemonics to help her tackle crime. You’ll have to wait to see how that ‘spells’ out.

I may add a little extra with a daily musical offering. After last year’s A to Z challenge, I began collating a musical list for this year, so at least it might survive in some form. For a taster, here – if this works – is the soundtrack for one of the games that I play. Also, an echo of my 2018 gaming theme. This is one of the pieces of music playing as I work.

That’s all for this reveal. I’m off to work on Sparkle’s current case. There are quite a few alphabetical threads left – blame it on my health not my devious mind.

54 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal – Azure Spark

  1. You’re doing a lot more than me, but then I am off to Camp Nano for April, too, so I won’t have time for much except for visiting and commenting. I’m surprised how few are signed up at the moment. Maybe we’ll all be really keen, though.
    Looking forward to reading your books 🙂

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    • I’m now behind in my prep for A to Z. My poor health – ongoing – was a hurdle on its own. But then my keyboard died. Two days without one has set me back even further. Hope the Camp Nano is less stressful.


    • It’s proving a challenge to write, Jacqui – not only because of my health problems, but now the dead keyboard two days. I’m also trying to tie it in with the WEP/IWSG Challenge on April 17. All the best.


    • The music is more like the soundtrack to my life, Joy. However, it coincides with the story on at least one day, I’ve still got some letters and scenes left so there might be others – like Z for Zither or Zimmer or Zamfir.


  2. Fiction and music – great combination! 🙂 Best wishes for a fabulous A to Z challenge. Although I’ve retired from that (four straight years was enough), I plan to check in here and there. Clever idea to make it an on-going story, so people are likely to follow it regularly. Cheers!

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    • Not sure that it’s actually a combination, Debbie, but I am to entertain with one or the other. And I suspect that I might have to post the full story after the case is closed. I nearly decided not to do A to Z – after five straight years – but I need the motivation now I’m retired.


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