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Since the European Union’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25th, 2018, I have been making my website as compliant as I can.

My first step was reading up on the implications for small operators – the most valuable was on author Jami Gold’s site: The New EU Law: What All Authors Need to Know — Guest: Kharma Kelley

From reading that, and panicking, I concluded that my hardly-existent newsletter was destined to become non-existent history. So that feature has been vaporised along with any data collected by MailChimp.

However, I still needed a ‘Privacy Policy’ and I assessed what I could do with this Writing Wings landing pad. WPBeginner proved to have the best solution – check their advice on How to Add a Privacy Policy in WordPress.

As for the finished Privacy Policy that is now live on this site – so I hope that I am now compliant and not heading for a 4 million Euro fine.

And if you wish to read the detail, there’s a link in the menu to the left OR just go to

4 thoughts on “Privacy and GDPR

  1. Gosh, for weeks I was scrambling trying to understand the GDPR. Once I thought I knew everything (with my newsletter), I then realized this impacts more than newsletters, but also websites/blogs, Google forms, Rafflecopter giveaways….everything. I also created a Privacy Policy, which is up on my blog and my website and linked to in my newsletter (as well as the sign-up form).

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    • GDPR seemed to impact on so many things that I went for the low-key approach – such as no newsletter. I realise that you are more active, Chrys so have more to do. I just hope that I’ve done enough.


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