Books Are Not Free

From 11th to 15th February there is an excellent event taking place on Facebook called ‘Our Books Are Not Free’ to make readers aware that books cost money to produce.

Here is the Facebook link: 

This is the online magazine detailing why ‘Books are not free’ and the writers involved: 

I am supporting the event, but what do you think. Should writers give their books away for free?

[If you say ‘yes’ then there is a second question – should shopkeepers sell their goods for free?]


9 thoughts on “Books Are Not Free

  1. This is awesome! I think authors should consider giving out free books, specifically the first book of any series they write, but I don’t think authors should feel like they HAVE to give books away(except of course review copies for reviewers, because that’s professional).

    • I have found new writers by their free first books, but can’t believe it when they go on offering their hard work for free. I agree those review copies should be the only ones they are expected to give free.

    • Thanks, Ellen. And of course, books include E-books, as there are costs for those at the writing stage and later. I’m beginning to think that the samples, that Amazon lets one have for free, are enough to know if I will like the book…or hate it.

    • Good to hear you say that, Alex, especially as you said ‘completed’. Loss leaders are one thing, throwing away all the hard work is madness. But I still get emails from authors giving most of their written work away – I delete them and move on to an author with sense.

      • I suppose it also depends on your goal. One of my friends lately decided to give all his work away for free. He said he knows perfectly well writing will never be an earning enterprise for him, and since he is a retired man, he doesn’t really need an extra income anyway. What he wants is being read and connect with his readers.
        So he decided the best way to achieve that is giving his work away for free.
        I think this makes sense as per his project. I also think most authors don’t have the same goal.

  2. I think giving away your books for free makes sense only if that’s part of a strategy. For example, when you’re trying to build your ‘treasure’ of reviews, or (as other have mentioned) when you’re offering the fist book in a series so to boost the sells of the whole series.

    I know free books are very popular and they get a lot of download (which is good in itself, because it boost your ranking), but honestly, books you give for free with no strategy behind it seldom give you a real return.

    That’s my feeling, anyway.

    • I can understand that guy – in your reply – although we are the authors with the writer’s goal. Good reviews can help so giving away copies to build up that ‘treasure’ is a wise strategy. Strategy is the key word, Sarah.

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