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I must apologise to any followers still out there. I realise that I haven’t blogged even once since my monthly post for Insecure Writer’s Support Group Day on January 4th#IWSG – TO BOLDLY GO.

I had intended to post one or two book reviews as there are seven novels screaming at me for reviews. My excuses are getting stale, although I wish my health were better as that would help. However, a month has passed and here is my February IWSG post.

February 1 Question: How has being a writer changed your experience as a reader?

When I was a child, and through my teens, I devoured books – well not like Firmin the rat at the heart of Sam Savage’s fantastic debut; belatedly, I just wrote a quick review on Goodreads.

In my teens, I did write as well, but at that point, the writing merely fed my desire to read some great science fiction and fantasy. Perhaps I was picking up something from the reading, although not vice versa.

It was when I retired as a journalist and began working on “Spiral of Hooves”, my first published novel, that I began to read as a writer. It wasn’t immediate, but I began to note how the writing elements came together in other people’s books – or didn’t.

I follow a few writing ‘mentors’ that have written fiction, such as K M Weiland, so reading their creations is both an insightful and enjoyable experience as a writer/reader. Example: K M Weiland’s Storming which I did manage to review.

However, I try to switch off my analytical self when I read – most of the time. The time for this writer to assess the elements is not when I’m engrossed in the tale. That works in a similar way that my internal editor must be locked away during a first draft. I must find the right moment to switch brains and avoid interrupting the flow.

So my writing has enhanced my reading experience.



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A Big A To Z Announcement Is Coming! #atozchallenge

Six years ago, at about this time the first A to Z Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Linky List appeared as sign-ups opened. A successful and popular blogging experience was born – thanks to founder Arlee Bird, who celebrates his birthday today so I hope it’s a great one. [He’s three years ahead of me, but I move one year closer in August.]

I admit that I was an observer in the first few years of A to Z. The first year that I took part was in 2014 when I chose aspects of the future world that became Gossamer Flames. In 2015, it was the War of 1812, and last year I went for a story format entitled ‘A Brilliant Conspiracy’.

Last May, I started scribbling out some ideas for 2017, and have added to those notes. However, there is exciting news on its way, if I read the tempting ‘trailer’ on the A to Z website correctly. If you want to know more, which you must do, then visit and be tempted:  http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/2017/01/a-big-to-z-announcement-is-coming.html