NaNoWriMo Pointers


Two weeks ago, I took my first look ahead at November in Cunning Plan or Devious Plot?, and admitted that I was going to tackle NaNoWriMo again.

I revealed my proposed novel, “Fates Maelstrom”, and its cryptic blurb. During November, I will post interviews with some of the main characters – posts I intend to write and schedule in advance. And “Attempting to Blog amidst NaNoWriMo” will be my IWSG monthly post on Wednesday 4th November.

At this stage, that all sounds great. Well, I am a committed plotter – and plodder – so even the novel is plotted out with a detailed scene-by-scene outline.

In that post two weeks ago, I also gave a link to a useful post by Janice Hardy on Planning Your Novel’s Beginning, which I hope inspired you to delve further.

Here are a few more useful NaNo posts that I’ve read, and noted, in the last few days.

Where better to start than NaNoWriMo’s own Prep advice. If you haven’t committed yet, why not sign-up.

The month can look daunting, but it’s not an impossible feat. As I said, I’m a plodder, but I’ve achieved the NaNo goal three times – and even written a first draft novel in a non-NaNo month.

But read on with Kim Weiland. She always has great advice – and her fiction is great too. Here’s her NaNo take on Writing Goals, which has some fascinating infographics, as well as useful insights.

These few tips from Emma Darwin are valuable. Some perhaps are reminders of things that we should have already taken on board, but others could save us in the month ahead.

I suspect that a few of you might get stuck somewhere during the month, but Mia Botha suggests one possible solution. I don’t think it’s mine – I tend to throw a tantrum and go to bed. But this brainstorming worksheet might be perfect for you.

And where else should we close but with Janice Hardy’s crucial Planning Your Novel’s Ending. Delve deeper from here as her posts are full of useful links to other articles.

Just make sure that you make time to stop the research reading and conspire ahead to November.

Not convinced that NaNoWriMo is a good idea, especially for you? Then read how taking part changed Mia Hopkins’ life.

Never forget that everything is possible – even another Roland Clarke published novel.

Are you planning to write something during November? Have you any links to share?

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Pointers

  1. Well, Roland, looks like we’re attempint the same thing. I’ll be writing blog post and try to keep up with the blog while revising my story during NaNo.
    Oh, look! That’s the starting line. Are we going? 😉


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