Was Beer the end of Mother’s Ruin?

When I was growing up, I was often told that my Quaker ancestors had helped bring an end to the repercussions of ‘Mother’s Ruin’ by promoting beer.

This made some sense as the family had been involved with the brewing firm of Truman Hanbury & Buxton.

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Plate 53: Truman’s Brewery, Brick Lane. | British History Online

So, when my writer friend Maureen Vincent-Northam asked me to write about those ancestors, I began wondering whether that was just a family legend, whether that would be an interesting starting-point. Was there was some truth behind the story?

Read the rest here on Maureen’s website.

2 thoughts on “Was Beer the end of Mother’s Ruin?

  1. Great story and wonderful family history. My family was also connected with the Truman Brewery. My 2nd great grandfather, Howard Gow, was general manager in the 1850s. He and his family lived near the brewery on Brick Lane. What’s even stranger is his youngest daughter was named Gurney. I have never understood where there name came from because it is rarely a female name. I’ll have to do more research now.


    • Thanks Susan. Interesting connection. From my research, most of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton’s descendants worked for Trumans, and a few of them married Gurney wives. I wonder if your 2nd great grandfather took his youngest daughter’s name from a family connected to his workplace. Or was he close to them? Surnames seem to have become first names down time. Will be interested to learn more.


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