Fair deals for the long-term sick

Having good friends that care raises our spirits at this difficult time when British Telecom are determined to do nothing.

The Bingergread Cottage

This ls long but I make no apologies, it covers a vital subject and we need you to read it, please. As you all know I am classified as an invalid for various reasons. You also know that I am extremely fortunate to be in France and under the care of our brilliant Health Service

I was very shocked therefore to find that my good friend Roland Clarke, who is in a similar position in the UK, is experiencing some appalling treatment at the hands of BT.

Tell us about the story, Roland.

Awww - Roland and Juanita. Roland and Juanita.

At the beginning of January we knew that we were moving house at the end of February, so we contacted BT [British Telecom – who provided our phone & internet] – to arrange the new service. On January 9th BT gave us an engineer appointment for February 17th, and for the…

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