Editorial Work

Editorial Work.

An interesting post that is very relevant as I edit ‘Wyrm Bait’ (and have to miss blogging properly today).

As I say in my comment, below the post: I used some beta readers for my first novel, and got some valuable advice from some of them at least. Going to do same with novel revising at moment BUT also sending it to a professional editor. Having both sets of comments will help me decide how much gets hacked or honed. Read too much self-published stuff that feels as if the writer never got any help.

Will be interested to see comments and thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Editorial Work

  1. One thing I read was over two blog posts. Essentially, the first one said, ‘Make it as perfect as possible”
    Then her follow up post was: You’ve done that – but now don’t obsess over it.
    I think that works to make up a solid bit of writing/advice.
    Good Luck as you work on Wyrm Bait. I’ve got a book looking at me now, that I need to edit. =D


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