Is hindsight useful?

Struggling to edit the second novel I attempted, today’s Blog is brief and more like navel gazing than tackling new ground. In 2011 I wrote a blog post entitled First Drafts – posted below as not archived on this site.

Re-reading the post, it seems to reflect the process that I find myself in. Except the novel that I’ve just finished drafting is Wyrm Blood, the sequel to Wyrm Bait, which is the novel being edited, for the  third time. And Spiral of Hooves is with an e-publisher and should be available some time in 2013.

My word count has dropped significantly, mainly due to my MS worsening. However I feel that my writing has improved, but that decision is ultimately down to my readers. Hopefully having seven Works In Progress, there should be at least two published novels to enjoy this time next year. Beta-readers get advance previews, but that means putting up with mistakes and telling me what sucks. In late March I will be appealing for constructive betas for Wyrm Bait.

Clutter Update: Great (fraternal) minds thinks alike. Taking photos of the clutter resolved the problem of accessing my mother’s no-wheelchair access flat. Now I just have to tell my brother what gets chucked, and what gets saved, using the photos he took.

You Want Me To Go Down Where?!

You Want Me To Go Down Where?! (Photo credit: tobym)

First Drafts


Another milestone in the novel writing adventures of the Silver Scribbler. Having set myself the deadline of a month to write the first draft of ‘Skeins’, I completed it on time yesterday, without cheating.  Great feeling although not something that I would do again as it meant having to be somewhat anti-social from waking up to going to bed; barring MS exercises, meals and rests.  Also with the MS, I did require regular breaks or my legs stiffened up badly.  Next time I will go for a slightly slower pace – back from 2,500 words per day to 2,000 = 5-6 weeks for same length draft (78,000).

Anyway it is written and without reading it through to revise it, I am happy given it is a first draft.  First real test will be my honey reading it, especially as gaming is at centre of the cyber-crime plot.  Also new working title is ‘Wyrm Bait’ due to cyber & fantasy gaming connections. Might even use main characters again and stick with some title format with ‘Wyrm’ or related.

I won’t be doing any serious revision on it for at least a month if not two or even six (the recommended marination time according to some professional writers). Instead I will be beginning the revision of ‘Spiral of Hooves’ which has sat in a cupboard since June 12th. Spent a week deliberating about how long to marinade it for and whether I should start a second novel, or whatever was deemed sensible. Eventually having weighed up all the advice, decided to write two in parallel.

So ‘Spiral of Hooves’ re-enters my life and I wonder what I will find.  Could be an exciting time for the Silver Scribbler…and his red pen.

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