Not #IWSG – Multi-D Writer?

Apologies. This isn’t my monthly Insecure Writer’s Support Group post but another load of flimsy excuses.

Sorry to the Ninja Captain for missing a month or more – especially as he’s such a stalwart follower. Thanks Alex J. Cavanaugh for creating the Insecure Writer’s Support Group where you can find proper answers to this month’s challenging question.

I need to remember the question is optional! 

November 4 question – Albert Camus once said, “The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.” Flannery O’Conner said, “I write to discover what I know.” Authors across time and distance have had many reasons to write. Why do you write what you write?

The awesome co-hosts for this November 4 posting of the IWSG are Jemi Fraser, Kim Lajevardi,L.G Keltner, Tyrean Martinson, and Rachna Chhabria!


Anyway, I was prepping my 2020 NaNoWriMo entry called ‘Lost Sheep’ with a premise linked to Sparkle Anwyl, my Welsh police detective:

A retired Welsh farmer faces challenges to his faith when his legacy is threatened.

However, although I outlined a vague plot, I’ve been unable to write more than a thousand words in the first three days of November.

Distractions: Dungeons, Doughnuts, Dogs, Drugs, and Depression.

How can I write when everything is falling apart? From the world to this country to my body.

In fact, I failed to read the other WEP/IWSG posts last month or finish answering comments. Insecure apologies. Or I for Insincere? I did hit ‘Like’ – I think.

I haven’t even finished reading the novel I started in August – or was it July?

 Don’t ask about emails – or Facebook, birthdays, or whatever I’ve forgotten.

At least, I started ‘Lost Sheep’ with a Bible quote – Luke 15:3-7 – then this:

The scent of damp earth greeted Hywel Pugh as he stepped out of Capel Moreia, reassured by the words of Reverend Murray. Sheep had been his livelihood until he handed over to his son Ivor – although he remained involved. Till the Good Shepherd welcomed him to his abode.

13 thoughts on “Not #IWSG – Multi-D Writer?

  1. No guilt! You do what you have to, and what you can. You still get support from the rest of us Insecure Writers (I didn’t try to answer the question, either).

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  2. Yes, it certainly sounds as if the black dog has found you. But that’s hardly surprising, considering the stress we’re all (Uk & US) under from our respective trolls. Sorry, leaders. I’m hiding from all the media at present because I’m sure it won’t be a straightforward count, and I can’t stand the tension. I have enough nightmares as it is, without borrowing yours. I mean, when it comes to sharing your dreams with two lovely ladies working in the supermarket who I dont know and will probably not see again, well, something must be wrong – with me, if not the world.

    Just keep hanging in there, Roland, we love you whether you’ve left your pawprint (or is it hoofprint) or not. 🙂

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  3. Don’t feel sorry!
    It’s okay to not worry about things like replying to comments or engaging when there is something troubling/ these are trying times.
    You do you!
    (P.S: If you were to feel guilty, I don’t know what level I’d be at, I completely dropped off the blogging world)

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  4. Hey Roland. Such an exceptional year this has been. We’ve all been guilty of not managing enough…If that is something we should be guilty of at all. I’ve slowed down tremendously. As long as it works for you, don’t worry. It’s never the same tide, isn’t it?

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  5. This is a belated reply to all the comments – and a first step towards attempting something. So far, November has been treading water – no-NaNo, no reading, no editing, just reading a few emails and deleting most of them. I’m dreading my imminent UK tax return as tough to do in a good year. Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel – May Day 2021????


    • Although November has been more struggle, Sue, ‘Lost Sheep’ will be my 2021 NaNoWriMo project. I’ve got the outline/plot to build on, so it won’t get abandoned. Have other Sparkle cases to finish first though.


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