Voyagers Author Rebecca M. Douglass and Her Middle-Grade Books

Currently the IWSG Anthologies blog is featuring posts from the winning authors in this year’s IWSG anthology VOYAGERS:  The Third Ghost.

This week Rebecca M. Douglas, our Ninja Librarian, and one of my stalwart beta readers, shares her published books and her inspiration at the IWSG Anthology Blog:

On Wednesday, October 7, 2020, the next IWSG Day, I’m giving the scoop on my novel Spiral of Hooves, the relevance of my career as an equestrian journalist & photographer, plus a few words on my WIPs – the Snowdon Shadow series.

4 thoughts on “Voyagers Author Rebecca M. Douglass and Her Middle-Grade Books

  1. That’s awesome! It’s so cool that you know a winner.

    I am excited for the upcoming YA scavenger book hunt (YASH), and for the Pass or Pages query contest at Operation Awesome with the YA category this October. I hope you’ve been staying healthy and thriving as best as you can this year.

    – J

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    • I knew Rebecca before we both won as we beta-read each other’s entries. I read her entry for the next anthology.
      YA is not a category I write in, although I tried writing a YA short some years ago. But it’s a crucial category – some of the readers we all need I suspect.


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