Writing craft books ~ Part 1

On the IWSG Anthology blog this week and next, the first five of our authors featured in the 2020 Insecure Writer’s Support Group anthology Voyagers:  The Third Ghostand our publisher L. Diane Wolfe are sharing some favourite writing craft books.  Check them out ~ perhaps you will find a new favourite to inspire your writing.  


Watch out for details on the new Thesaurus from the same team behind The Emotion Thesaurus – Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi, from One Stop for Writers. I will be reviewing and blogging about The Occupation Thesaurus on Monday July 20th. Drop by then, please.

2 thoughts on “Writing craft books ~ Part 1

  1. Hey, can you tell me if the Emotion Thesaurus (and others) is a book that is okay for Kindle, or if it’s more the sort you want to put sticky notes on and write on the pages?

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    • My two thumbed copies are paperbacks so I’m unsure whether the Kindle version is comparable. However, I have a Kindle for PC version of ET, The Rural Setting T., and The Urban Setting T., as well – and all three are easy to use. In fact, with the Kindle Index facility helps. I’m reading an ARC of the new Occupation Thesaurus as a PDF – also useable. I’m not one for writing notes on pages – just markers/stickies.

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