Online Writing Resources ~ Part 1

On the IWSG Anthology blog his week and next, the authors featured in the 2020 Insecure Writer’s Support Group anthology Voyagers:  The Third Ghostare sharing some favourite online writing resources beyond the IWSG.  Jump in and discover what great online resources our Voyager authors have found!   

And thanks once again to fellow Anthology author and blog-co-ordinator, Louise MacBeath Barbour for keeping us inspired.

Another fellow Anthology author, Charles Kowalski sent us this:

“In case you haven’t seen it already, a glowing review of “Voyagers” on BookBub came my way today. The reviewer loved all our stories, with a special shout-out to Bish and Katharina. Passing it along!”

More Anthology news next Wednesday – July 1st.

5 thoughts on “Online Writing Resources ~ Part 1

  1. Thanks Roland for this. Great initiative. Still haven’t read through all the stories yet from the Anthology. Read yours though which I enjoyed , the magic of it, although your plots always twist and turn a fair bit, so challenging to keep up. Actively writing my submission for Dark Matter. Have you heard back from my Welsh neighbours ? Heat wave here in Toulouse, hope it’s still cool where you are.

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    • Apologies if my writing twists too often, Susan – maybe that’s why I get lost sometimes LOL. Enjoy the rest of the anthology – and the author’s suggestions etcetera.
      Nothing from your neighbours, but I told them no hurry – early days.

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