Close Shave

This month, I’m attempting to write a short story every day as part of StoryADay September. I’ve done a few – and I will post some of them – but here is the one for yesterday’s suggestion that we write in a different genre.

I may be a mystery writer now, but I’ve attempted most genres – even Romance, but with a crime at its core. However, I’ve only ever written one Western short, years ago – in a post-apocalyptic setting. Here’s another:

Close Shave

By Roland Clarke

They didn’t trust me.

Why should they trust an old fool with nothing valuable to give?

No gold secrets. No real skills.

A barber with an idle razor.

“I need your skill with a blade,” said Ma Baker.

“Another gunshot wound? The sheriff needs to shoot straight.”

I’d blame the whisky, but from his grey hair, I knew it was his eyesight.

“He hit my Daisy. I can’t afford to lose her – not with them rustlers about.”

I nodded and followed the rancher matriarch to her spread.

In the kitchen, her son was leaning against the couch, weeping.

“She’s lost a lot of blood, Mum. But she’s a fighter. Can you save her, Seth?”

I knelt beside the body. Daisy looked up at me, her brown eyes gleaming. I took her paw.

“I will. She trusts me.”

10 thoughts on “Close Shave

  1. Oh my gosh, Roland! This is fabulous! I mean really, really, really, good. Absolutely loved that it was a dog at the end. You are very good at what you do, sir. More power to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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