“Diverse” Settings For Two Reasons

My equestrian friend and fellow writer, Jane Bwye gave me the opportunity to write about the ‘Diverse Settings’ in my books, from Spiral of Hooves to the Snowdon Shadows that I’m engrossed in creating.

Read and ride on…

Jane Bwye

A warm welcome to my long-standing friend, Roland Clarke. We have much in common, and if you share a love of horses with us, you’re in for a treat! You can read my review of Roland’s Spiral of Hooves on the Amazon UK link below.

I must begin by thanking Jane for having me on her blog – or maybe I invited myself like an imposing friend.

7120_102388529776541_4135091_nSetting plays a key role in not only my writing as I met Jane wearing a different hat. Back in 2005, I was co-organiser of Borde Hill Horse Trials held at my family home which I’ve always felt was the right setting for horse events. Jane was part of our amazing team as one of the experienced dressage judges. Most eventing shows that I ever attended as a professional equestrian journalist and photographer were in glorious locations – the pinnacle being Badminton.


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2 thoughts on ““Diverse” Settings For Two Reasons

    • For me, Jacqui that is a special setting – so many memories. It’s my family home – Borde Hill. It’s not exactly where I grew up as my grandparents lived there when I was a child. My brother lives there now.


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