From Ostler to Eventer: Guest post by Roland Clarke + #Giveaway

For my ‘Spiral of Hooves Blog Tour’, it was great to take a step back in time and explore the equine links between my debut novel and my current read, Cryssa Bazos’s engrossing TRAITOR’S KNOT. Read on…

Cryssa Bazos

I had the pleasure of virtually meeting Roland Clarke through the English Historical Fiction Authors Blog. Although his upcoming release, Spiral of Hooves, is not historical fiction, it does revolve around the world of competitive horse eventing and (bonus!) includes Canada as one of the settings. Naturally, I was intrigued.

Today, Roland discusses the progression historically from ostler to eventer. At the end of the post is an opportunity to win a signed copy of his new release.

Welcome Roland!

The modern world of my mystery novel Spiral of Hooves, released in its second edition on August 7th, and the riveting 17th century saga of Cryssa Bazos’s Traitor’s Knot may seem centuries apart but they have a key element that links them. In opening chapters, my main character, Armand Sabatier finds his “temporary role [as a groom] meant more duties, and the horses proved soothing companions, healing for his…

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2 thoughts on “From Ostler to Eventer: Guest post by Roland Clarke + #Giveaway

  1. Great article, Roland. The horse ‘sporting’ world is so fascinating, still I often have the impresison that it gets a bad rep in all kind of fiction. But I know you’re the right person to give it justice 😉

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