Reflections of 2017 #AtoZChallenge

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The 2017 Blogging from A to Z Challenge didn’t go as planned for me so apologies to my followers and to my fellow bloggers. In previous years, I have written and scheduled all or at least most of my posts by the end of March. That allows me time to write the few missing ones during the early part of April as well as time to visit the A to Z bloggers that I follow and any new ones that catch my attention.

This time things went awry. I chose my theme okay – The History of Kanata – and even got some of the posts done. But I was already a bit behind come April 1st so there was no way that I was taking Sunday, April 2nd off. Then overnight my health took a nose-dive and on Monday April 3rd I collapsed shortly after posting on Facebook, “After a terrible night when Juanita Clarke was luckily tere for me, psting is very hard as mystyping everything. So apologies for siaslence.”

My belated post, “Insecure and Invalid”, explains how I was rushed to hospital and my nights there. Suffice to say that the rest of April was a struggle just to stay on top of my own posts while still feeling poorly. At least, the 500+ emails that I came back to have been reduced to nearer 350 but they keep sneaking back into my Inbox somehow.

I also managed to reply to those people that took the trouble to comment on the posts – you know who you are so my grateful thanks.

When I did the post-event survey I said that I hadn’t visited or commented on any other posts and that answer was inaccurate – I visited two or three that dropped by my site. However, I have a lot of A to Z sites to visit as I get on top of things – if that is possible.

As far as the absence of the Linky links page was concerned I didn’t have a chance to miss it. But I did manage to post most of my daily posts on the Facebook page. That worked brilliantly, just like the Insecure Writers Facebook page does, and on a random visit, I found a fellow MS warrior which made April worthwhile.

I don’t feel my experience was a fair reflection on the team, but I would still like to give the hard-working bunch a shout out, especially founder Arlee Bird.

Time now to point you to the It’s Time to Reflect! page where you can find other A to Z Reflections.

And visit:         Facebook page:

Twitter handle: @AprilAtoZ

Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge


14 thoughts on “Reflections of 2017 #AtoZChallenge

  1. All things considered, I think you managed the challenge brilliantly, Roland. And to be honest, when I dropped by your site, I always hoped to see a new posts and replies to comments, so I knew you felt reasonably well.

    I hope things will settle down soon for you.
    A big hugh, my friend.


    • Thanks, Sarah. I didn’t count up the replies but I suspect that you were my No 1 follower, and made some astute comments. This A to Z has inspired me to compile a proper “Brief History of Kanata” and your input was an inspiring factor.


  2. Goodness! I’m sorry to hear April was such a challenge for you. I also deal with some auto-immune disease challenges and I understand how even something as simple as blogging can turn into an almost insurmountable challenge. I hope you’re feeling better and are able to rest and recuperate.

    Take care!


  3. Sorry to hear about your auto-immune challenges. The problem with these sort of diseases is that most people don’t comprehend what is involved. So thanks for your thoughts.

    Take care yourself.


  4. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! I had all my posts pre-written this year for the first time and thought that would give me plenty of time to visit bloggers. Like you, my health made it impossible to keep up. I’m trying to catch up, a few challenge blogs a day. Hope your health has improved!


    • Thanks, Cheryl, for visiting and reading so many of my posts. I’m afraid that my health is still a problem and my eyes are strained so not reading many blogs except health/MS ones. Also, my History of Kanata is now a chronological potted history that needs editing so having to pace myself.

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