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Although we are more settled in our Idaho home and celebrated Thanksgiving with most of the family, I’m still struggling with my health so normal posts are still postponed until…whenever.

I am writing, though, and in November was a NaNoWriMo Winner with my new novel Eagle Crossing. Basic premise: ‘What if the Vikings had settled in Vinland and colonized much of North America before Columbus arrived’. Perhaps, I will reveal more in a future post, as the premise got me excited.

Update: Posted this a few hours early as not Wednesday here – yet. MISTEAK !!!!

Anyway, it’s time for my monthly post for Insecure Writer’s Support Group Day:

December 7 Question: In terms of your writing career, where do you see yourself five years from now, and what’s your plan to get there?

My writing plans are directly related to my health, so I must presume that the current slump is only a large dip or valley in the road. On the other side are years of solid writing time, with very few days when the pain is so excruciating that I can’t even write hunched over the keyboard, as I’m doing now.

First the aim: to have at least two more books published, either by a small press or self-published. PLUS, to get my first novel, “Spiral of Hooves”, back in print, and available as a print version.

Beyond those books, everything depends on how they are received, as there are sequels in various draft stages that I would hope to release in that period. I must be realistic, and not presume too much as I have not had anything published since December 2013.

Hence my strategy for getting two more books published:

In 2017, I intend to tackle the final revision of “Storms Compass” and get it published, as I sense that I’m prevaricating about sharing it beyond my critique partners. That would be in the first few month, closely followed by the reprint of “Spiral of Hooves”, which my old publishers Spectacle Publishing Media Group handed back in an easy to reprint form – I hope.

Then, more demanding, there is the first of my mystery series, “Fates Maelstrom”. The latest draft was advanced before I left Wales, so I am aiming to publish that at the back-end of 2017, or early 2018. That has to be realistic, rather than impossible

The respective sequels are: “Blood Tapestry” [Storms Compass]; “Tortuous Terrain” [Spiral of Hooves]; and “Seeking a Knife” [Fates Maelstrom].


Of course, my distraction could be the Viking world of ‘Manitou Mark’, starting with “Eagle Crossing”, but that might be a future post. The research is on my desk after that NaNoWriMo win.

Somewhere during the next five years, it would be great to have some short stories published. However, I have so far failed to pass the first hurdle and seem to cause bemused eyes among readers. I am aiming this month, or next, to discover where my stories fail. I have entered a writing competition, in which the stories are workshopped – starting today…yikes – and then the judges critique those that pay a small fee for their time. Watch this space again.


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The awesome co-hosts for this December 7 posting of the IWSG are Jennifer Hawes, Jen Chandler, Nick Wilford, Juneta Key, JH Moncrieff, Diane Burton, and MJ Fifield!


24 thoughts on “#IWSG – Writing Career in Five Years

    • Thanks, Hart. Pretty sure that I can’t do that every month. Now getting exhausted just checking emails. Talking of Moscow, Idaho, that’s the area where the sequel to “Spiral of Hooves” happens, featuring barrel racing and trail riding.


  1. Dropping in as one of the co-hosts for this month! Congrats on your NaNo win – that’s highly impressive by itself, but especially with the issues you’ve been facing. Your plans over the next five years sound solid and achievable. Good luck with it all and with cracking that short story market!


  2. I think I know the writing competition you’re talking about. I didn’t enter, but it sounded really interesting, especially the workshop portion of it. Look forward to hearing about your experiences with it. All the best for the holidays and the New Year!


  3. I hope you can come out of the valley soon. Love your ideas, esp. the Viking story. Amazing that you can write what you can while in pain. Congrats on what you accomplished during NaNo.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family.


  4. Congrats on winning NaNo!

    I’m sure the current weather here in Boise isn’t helping things health wise. I hope things get easier on you.


  5. Hi Roland! First off, congrats on your NaNo, and sorry I’m coming to this so late. I quitted mine halfway through because… well, I realised I wasn’t best prepared (historically) for writing that story, so I decided that, instead of butchering it, I shoudl just stop at the beginning and research properly before attempting it again.

    I’d comment on your health issue, but I know you’re a warrior and don’t need my slppy words 😉
    I do hope all the best and send a big hug your way.

    As for the five years projects… don’t this kind of questions scare you? The do me! I’ve lost so many certainties since I’ve left my writing nook and confront myself with the real publishing world, that I don’t really know what I may achieve anymore. What is realistic to hope for, I mean.
    But hey, I still have dreams, and even if that’s what I’ll end up with in the end, pursuing them is still a good feeling 😉
    I think your plans are well laied out and achievable. I’m sure you’ll fullfill them.

    Liked by 1 person

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