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During April I read more blog posts than usual, mainly as part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. However, I didn’t comment on as many of them as I should have done, judging by some amazing people like the Ninja Captain. How does he do it?

I know that it is common courtesy to acknowledge the effort someone has made writing a post. So I tried to tweet most of them. But that’s another insecurity: how to thanks all my own re-tweeters like others do.

Anyway back to the comments. I made a few, even trying to stick to the letter of the day – expressing enthusiastic enchantment OR waxing weighty worded warnings.

Quality not quantity?

And when a post already has 96 comments, I hesitate to add another one aping others – unless I have a unique perspective that is worth sharing. But that’s unlikely.

Does my reluctance mean anything? Never that I disliked the post, even when some were long articles although erudite ones.

But I suspect making few comments reduces the traffic to my site. The figures support that fact – 96:3.

What do you think? Or is it a matter of “No Comment”?


NOTE: I won’t comment on any posts for a few days as I’m travelling = a better excuse than the gerbil chewed my thoughts. How about the monster maelstrom sucks?

Maybe sometimes, monster shark munches severely, meaning stressed mind spasms. Maelstrom swamps my serenity.


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15 thoughts on “Why comment?

  1. I like to comment, and I try to make sure there’s some thought behind it other than “nice post”. As far as if someone else has already said what I would, well, I’ve found that if multiple people have the same opinion, it adds some weight for me, so I won’t deny that to other bloggers. Anyways, fun travels!


    • Never considered the ‘weight of opinion’ angle, but agree. Might rethink my comment strategy bearing that in mind. [Travel report is now re-blogged from wife’s site. BTW she’s the one with family in Boise.]


  2. Like Loni, I like to leave comments on those posts I’ve enjoyed, regardless of how many other comments that person may have received, and I want any comment I leave to have more substance to them than just ‘great post!’ or something like that.

    Travel safe!


  3. Remember, I have clones…
    If I read, I comment. Just because it takes me so long to read! If I can get to the end of the post, I’m leaving a comment, darn it.
    Some slip past me, but I always try to return comments. And I appreciate every one of them, no matter how many I get.


    • Good policy, Alex/clone/whoever. Reaching the end of the post is a positive sign, agreed. And you have learnt the art of meaningful but brief comments – brief and pithy in fact.


  4. When I visit a blog, I always try to leave ‘something’. It will be a comment, if I can contribute something to the discussion (though, like you, I’m unlikely to comment if there are already a lot of comments on the article), and if I can’t see a way to contribute to the conversation, I’ll at least leave a like.

    I always share the posts that I like. Is it a job? Yeah, but it takes less time than one would think (I learned that during the AtoZ last year) and anyway, it’s always posts I like to read and that my readers may also like.
    It’s networking, you know?

    I think exchanging comment, chatting, getting to klnow each other, sharing what we like, is the heart of blogging. That’s my favourite way of networking 🙂


    • Agree that it doesn’t really take much time, especially sharing the posts. I’ve got into the habit of posting those I like – and as you say, readers may also like them.

      And I like that you compare commenting to chatting. In a way that’s very true…even if I say less that way.


  5. I always comment when I read someone’s post, and it’s always more than “nice post” or “great tips”. It might be a sentence long but I address at least one thing. It;s always easier if there’s a question at the end for commenters to answer.


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  7. I always try to leave a comment on every post I read, but I have to admit when I’m the 96th person to comment I wonder if my comment has any value. But, then I remember how much I enjoy getting comments and figure the other person will enjoy the 96th comment as much as the 1st. Like Chrys said above I find it helpful if there is a question at the end to use as a comment prompt.

    BTW I see you tweeted my reflections post on your sidebar – thanks! I don’t tweet, so I’m not really sure how it works but I was thrilled to see that you had flagged my post up 🙂


    • Ever since Chrys said that I’ve been adding the 96th comment. Also try posing questions, but not always.

      Usually Tweet a good post in the hope that others get to see it. Still learning about Tweeting though.


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