A blank canvas…..

This is my wonderful wife and our awesomely, evolving home.


In a weeks time it will have been a year since Roland and I left our humble beginnings in England to begin our new adventure in Wales, UK.  It has been a very interesting journey for both of us and we have both learned and grown in the last year.  We have made new friends and lost old friends along the way and there are several who have stuck by us through it all.   This is how our adventure started:


and how it has progressed over the last year:

1904125_848094211871714_9036324581336059990_n  1480742_848090918538710_4367300197889644903_n  10308340_848096795204789_4843649755897060276_n

Although there are some plantings, statues and garden structures it is time to do more, to finish this blank canvas and bring some colour to an otherwise dull painting.


We had a garden designer named Tilly Jones come and draw up some plans for this new garden of ours and I do have to say that I have…

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