Would You Trade Your Writer’s Block?


I promise that it was there… until I woke up. Didn’t you see it when you arrived? Maybe it departed on wings of… well take your pick, on Gossamer, feather, metal, wood or leather.

Time to be honest. I don’t suffer from writer’s block. Maybe I have an antigen in my makeup, or my muse works overtime.  Whichever it is, I have too many ideas, therefore too many first drafts that need editing.  I just need to find the one idea that fits the moment.

However, I admit with Multiple Sclerosis that I am always losing thoughts as I write. This post is a typical example as I lost my train of thought many times. Whether the thought ever came back, I don’t remember. Yes, it’s that bad.

As for my block it’s over editing, but more of that later.

Let’s continue with my primary antigens to Writer’s Block. Not all of them work all of the time, but at least one might yield something that I can use. Maybe even something that helps you.

  1. DREAMS: We all dream, although we often forget most of them. I don’t always have inspiring dreams, but there are a few that offer something of worth. When I wake up, I either write the dream down or work through the idea that it inspires, for later use as either a scene, a short story, or a novel.


Photo of a cloud illuminated by sunlight. ~ by Ibrahim Iujaz from Rep. Of Maldives

Photo of a cloud illuminated by sunlight. ~ by Ibrahim Iujaz from Rep. Of Maldives

  1. PHOTOS: Although I used to take photographs as an equestrian journalist, it tends to be other people’s photos that yield the best inspiration. On Pinterest I have gradually collated images to inspire new ideas. See my Pinterest file here.


  1. OUTDOORS: When I was more mobile, I found that getting out into natural surroundings would inspire me. That included observing people in the street or park. I once got the idea for a Haiku about a kite from a summer wander – or was it a Senyru? Nowadays I have to rely more on my immediate surroundings for inspiration – like “Black with Secrets, Adorned with Silver”, my Blog Post on Monday, which was inspired by dawn sounds that woke me up. One advantage is gazing at Snowdon every day.


  1. GAMING: Okay playing online games – MMORPGs – is one of my ways to chill… a reward like chocolate, but gaming is a source of inspiration. I have two draft novels set against a gaming world, in fact a fictional gaming world based on my short story saga “Gossamer Flames”. I’m not sure what the inspiration for the first novella that became “Gossamer Flames” was, but gaming has built more of the world. Ironically, the novella –Weave of the Sister Skein – appeared while I was recovering from my first MS attack in 1999.

I’m sure that you can suggest other sources of inspiration, and you are welcome to add them in your comments.

So to My Block and Insecurity – Editing. I am churning out first drafts faster than I can edit them. My mind can no longer deal with focusing on finding the faults. Yes I can trudge through the manuscript – not MS, please, as I live with a MonSter already. Trawling word by word, I aim for perfection. I search for plot holes and character flaws. But I need months, even years. Time is not on my side.

Perhaps I need an editor partner. Maybe someone that can take my words then polish the idea into something worth reading. All offers considered.

Maybe that’s another Writing Unblock antigen. Anyone want to trade?


The first Wednesday of every month is officially Insecure Writer’s Support Group day, when we talk about our doubts and the fears we have conquered. We discuss our struggles and triumphs, perhaps offering a word of encouragement for others who are struggling.

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All thanks to Ninja Captain Alex J Cavanaugh and his awesome co-hosts Sarah Foster, Joylene Nowell Butler, Lily Eva, and Rhonda Albom!

14 thoughts on “Would You Trade Your Writer’s Block?

  1. I’m with you there on having too many ideas!

    I also have used dreams and have that notebook by the bed – not just for dreams. It comes in handy for jotting down any ideas once I’ve made myself comfortable and don’t want to love again.

    I also get inspiration from reading widely and not just in the genre I write in. I know they say read in the genre you write in and know it well, but I also think reading widely and seeing other styles at work is great.

    TV. Yes, I’ve said it. Like you, I’m not getting out and about much at the minute and when I’m resting I’m either reading or watching a TV series. A good drama series that is well written, is great to watch. You can see the writing, the thought behind the characters, it’s just wonderfully stimulating, just not if that’s all you do 😉

    Great post!


    • Thanks Rebecca for your comments. I nearly added Reading and TV, but the list was getting a bit long. I read outside my genre as I will buy a book by what blog posts, reviews, Facebook launches… anything that gets me attracted to it. So just picked up an historical. However, read mainly in my genres – crime and fantasy/sci-fi. As for TV feel it’s great inspirer, but too busy gaming 😉


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  3. I have ideas for stories, that’s not the problem. My writer’s block comes either in the middle or near the end. It’s that final hurtle before the climax that gives me bothers. The last hook, the last chance you have to get your reader excited. Because regardless of how wonderful our openings are, it’s the end that causes the most talk. It’s still fresh in the readers’ minds. Great post, Roland. Happy IWSG.


    • Thanks for the visit and the comment. Agree that endings can be the hardest to get right so that all the necessary threads are addressed in as short a way as makes sense. I sometimes wonder about the writers that deal with then ending first – not that I could do that… enjoy the journey too much.


  4. I was just thinking the same thing – either a partner who is an editor or another author who could be like a co-author. Someone to help you polish so you can take it to the next step.
    My inspiration comes from movies and music. I’d say computer games, but I’m too busy hacking and slashing to be inspired.


    • Thanks Alex, knew that you would understand.
      Guess I’m looking for volunteers – an editor/co-author. Especially someone that can format as well, otherwise I’ll have reincarnated by the time my work is in ‘print’.

      Agree about computer games and the fighting. However, playing Star Wars The Old Republic at the moment and the scenery is spectacular… on some planets.


  5. I think the only struggle with having someone reform all of your words would be the potential loss of voice. But if you can find someone who can stay true to your voice, then that would be a wonderful partnership.

    Unfortunately, I’m a bit too busy right now with my children to even accomplish my own writing. Sorry I can’t help out.

    I get blocked while writing. I usually throw in an explosion and see how my characters react. It may stay in, or it may not. At least it spurs me on!


    • Thanks Loni for the comment. Sacrificing a voice might be a risk, especially with an insensitive co-author/editor. As you say “if you can find someone who stay true…” That’s where I stand – trying to find the right partner.

      Realise that it is asking a lot, and understand other people’s commitments/lives etc. So apology accepted. Your children – flesh & fictional – are your priority.

      My concern is: do I have time to edit all my work before my health deteriorates to the point that I am unable to edit at all? If I pace myself perhaps…


  6. I know what you mean, Roland. Time’s not on my side, either. I have so many projects and ideas, but I can’t spend 24/7 writing/editing/subbing. I’d miss out on life — the source material for all our writing. If only I could buy some 48-hour days at Costco…


  7. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    A new blog for me this week – Writing Wings – plenty of interest for writers and those who enjoy a wordsmith. Writers block in this post – I usually write in my head before I put down the words – swimming when I cannot have music on my head is my most productive. But probably it is images – moving, painted or photographed…


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