Interview With Author Roland Clarke

An in-depth interview by an Australian writer colleague that had me delving deep into my brain for memories, motivation and muses. Read more about me at Ashleigh Galvin’s Blog.

Ashleigh Galvin, Author

This week I interviewed Roland Clarke, Author of ‘Spiral of Hooves’.

Let’s see what he had to say!

Greetings Roland. How long have you been a writer?

Depends on what counts towards being a writer. Although I have a few dim memories of trying to create stories as a child and inventing scenarios with my toys, the only distinct memory is writing my own tale when I was about 7, based on a book called ‘Old Mr Fox’ – I still have the book, but not my story sadly. The first original pieces, excluding composition at school, were some fantasy/sci-fi shorts in my late teens. These included a fantasy novella when aged 18 – The Unicorn & The Prophet – but the draft got lost in Canada, where I lived briefly. Despite such brief forays into fiction writing and thoughts that it would be cool to become a full time…

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