Blogging a Dead Horse or an Ex-Parrot


How do you keep blogging when you lack motivation and satisfaction? Do you ask yourself, why am I writing a blog? Who is out there waiting for the next captivating post?

Okay your blog will probably show how many people are following you and also how many times a page is viewed. I have 768 followers and I have got at the most 197 views – on one day in August 2013. But those followers include all those who follow my blog, plus my Facebook followers, those on Twitter and others. And the views include the times that I check my old posts when I’m not logged in. Do they include the times when I am logged in?

So it’s probably valuable information and stats – if you know how to read them correctly, and don’t get confused by false figures created by your own pingbacks. I don’t understand the minute detail and just get depressed looking at all the figures. They make we wonder if my blog is a dead horse or maybe an ex-parrot. [For those that understand, the answer is probably it’s “pining for the fjords” or simply “stunned”. Except it’s not Norwegian.]

I can see some pattern emerging as to which posts are viewed most – mainly the ones during the Indie Blog Party August 19-30 2013, plus a few posts referencing marketing strategies and my insecurities. My interviews with the characters of my first novel, Spiral of Hooves stirred some interest. But my posts during the Blogging from A to Z Challenge last month had a dozen views each, at most, with very few comments – some days none.

Does this mean that you want more insecure ramblings interspersed with the strategies of an unqualified novice? I’m not an expert on anything. My special subject is writing about other people after they have won some equestrian competition.

Maybe this blog needs to be put out to grass or stuffed – it would mean I’d have more time for writing fiction or gaming.


Comments might be a guide to the blog’s health, if I can ignore the pingbacks again – each time I reference an old post, it becomes a comment – great. So this post is minimal with just one reference to another of my posts. But are comments relevant? I’ve read great posts with none, entertaining posts with numerous ones, and obscure weird minimalist posts with dozens. Mine just average two or three. Is there a magic formula?

Reading other blogs, I see that a specific theme can work, like book reviews, author interviews, or observations on the world outside.

Over to you readers and followers. How do you want to see this Blog evolve? What do you enjoy reading? I explored the options initially in Two Futures: Facts or Fiction back on January 18, with no conclusive suggestions.

Is it a dead horse or an ex-parrot? [Other animals bereft of life perhaps]

Or do I need more interviews with characters, or other writers, even riders? [Badminton winner, if I can reach him/her after the weekend.]

Or rant more about my insecurities and health? [Doing a backflip in my wheelchair on the front ramp.]

Should I be more selective in what I say, research less and save my words? [Small is beautiful.]

What do you think?


This is my monthly post in the Insecure Writers Support Group day and I’m supposed to be offering encouragement. Maybe there will be some words of wisdom out there. I’m only number 207 among 320 other great bloggers. If you click here there are links to all of them and you can visit as many as you want.

8 thoughts on “Blogging a Dead Horse or an Ex-Parrot

  1. Love this one, Roland! You struck a chord. I guess because it comes from the heart…. your book is still on my wish list. I’ll get to it eventually. Meanwhile – just keep going. If it’s any consolation, your record number of views in a day oustrips mine by far!


    • Thanks for the encouragement, Jane. My wish list is like yours – an eventually… also keep adding more so never ending. My other half says to write what inspires me each day, rather than worry about ‘views’ and ‘comments’. And I agree with you… “from the heart”.


  2. Very thought-provoking, Roland. I guess you need to ask if blogging is taking away your writing time. I know, blogging is writing. But how’s your book writing? Do you enjoy blogging? I do, most of the time. I just throw stuff out there and it’s a crap shoot whether anyone reads it or not. I’d rather read something that comes from a blogger’s heart than someone who works too hard to stick to a theme. Good luck.


    • Thanks Diane for your valuable thoughts and questions. If I spend too much time blogging, as in the A to Z Challenge, then my book writing suffers, although the theme I chose helped with ideas and research. Feeling that your ‘throwing stuff out there’ approach would work for me. I just need to blog when inspired to say something about whatever = random theme. Many thanks.


  3. The best thing a blogger can do, I think, is let readers see the person behind the writing. Their insecurities and triumphs. I’m always curious to see what other writers are up to and how they’re approaching various difficulties, so that’s why I read their blogs. I think if you relax and stop looking at the numbers, hopefully it’ll become more fun!


    • Thanks Nick. Your comment makes so much sense, from letting readers see me to stopping looking at numbers. As others have said – writing from the heart. Also envisage ‘Musings’ becoming part of my new direction.


  4. Numbers take time to build up. In the meanwhile, pls don’t give up, keep writing, visiting ,leaving comments and liking posts whenever you can. I do it from my phone in cabs and trains which is why I sometimes add likes and then later come back to comment 🙂

    Your writing is the most important thing…no scratch that, your happiness is the most important thing. Do things that make you happy.

    And if you want one of your posts reblogged, which you think deserves more hits and comments, let me know and I’ll see what I can do 😉


    • Thanks for the encouragement Damyanti, and for the valuable offer of reblogs. I try to do a bit of everything but, as you advise, putting the writing first has to be my priority, after the happiness. As I often say I have to pace myself.


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