Ddraig Wen

A new life in a new country lies ahead. My soul mate captures our feelings…



In 2 days time Roland and I will begin our journey to a new house and life. I am filled with excitement and apprehension right now. So many feelings but no regrets.

I started this journey back in 2010 when I came to the UK to be with and marry the man who would become my best friend and soul mate. So much has happened since I started this journey, but my love for Roland has never faltered nor will it ever.

It is a little bit sad to be leaving the first home we bought together but I realize that this next journey will make our lives so much better and will be another learning experience for both of us. I will miss the “fairy tree” behind our garden. Where we are now there are to many obstacles and roadblocks in the way. I think I am tired…

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