Party Time: ‘Spiral of Hooves’ Launch

Cover credit: Danielle Sands

Cover credit: Danielle Sands

Spiral of Hooves’, the first novel in the Chasseur series will be released tomorrow, Monday December 9th. It will be available at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble from tomorrow. I will also post further details of how you can acquire your copy here on Writing Wings, along with other tasty treats.

For openers, you are invited to come and celebrate this launch of my first novel in Cyber-Style at Facebook. Just click on the Party portal:

Join the Spiral of Hooves Party and mingle with lots of lovely cyber guests, indulging in cyber fun, food and drinks. It will start midday UK time and keep going for at least 12 hours, as I’ve got family and friends in the US, and beyond.  As it goes on into the late evening, US guests can log in after work… if they haven’t dropped in while working. (Bosses are invited too.)

So you can just drop in on Facebook, say hi, chat about me, the book, the weather… and play some competitions that might win you anything from a rosette to an e-book signed by some author guy

The Party has a Horse theme, although the novel is a murder mystery as well. (Only people were killed in the making of the novel). So bring your favourite horse or pony; there’s plenty of cyber-space and food for four-legged friends. They might even win a rosette in one of the horse themed competitions. Riding attire optional.


Suitable attire

You don’t have to be there physically to attend our cyber party, or the cyber food and wine. And as an e book, ‘Spiral of Hooves’ will be available to all shoppers regardless of where you live.

And to whet your appetite, you will be able to download a PDF of the opening chapter for FREE. Watch this space as this tasty treat may provide you with the solution to winning a copy of ‘Spiral of Hooves’.

This is my first published book and I am so grateful for all the support and encouragement that I am already getting.

There will be more information on the Party page as updates so keep an eye out for them.

Thanks…you guys are all the best!!!!!!


For further information: Visit the Spiral of Hooves’ page on this site ~

Or visit


Planning and plotting the Party

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