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This the 8th and final post in the Indie Block Party, and the theme as the crate says is Social Media & Network Tips.

When I became a writer, as opposed to a retired journalist, I was led to believe that building my social platform was crucial. So I dutifully created this website/blog, a dedicated writing Facebook page and a Twitter account. I knew that there was a stage two that required signing up to other social media, but I never reached that point.

Each day I dutifully checked my emails on my personal and writing accounts, then my two Facebook feeds, and finally Twitter. I read all the articles that seemed relevant but it all impacted on my writing. Social media took over at the expense of being creative.

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Now I attempt to prioritise what I do. I check the emails and Facebook but I have to admit that I gave up reading everything on Twitter as so much of it seemed repetitive and self-promoting. I find it far easier to subscribe to blogs that I feel are worthwhile, once I have read a few good posts.

I try to share these posts on Facebook, but I’m not sure if many people read them. We’re all too busy anyway.

The groups that I find most useful on Facebook tend to be ones for British writers rather than more international, although they are not exclusively so. If you befriend me on I can recommend you to them. Or simply Like my Roland Clarke Writer page.

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In terms of major DOs and DON’Ts for the social media world, I would say DO socialise and relate to people, but DON’T hard sell them, bombarding them with sales promotions.

Can I end by quoting some excellent Tips from Janice Hardy:

Social media tips:

  • Social media is about connecting and being social, not spamming “buy my stuff”
  • Be yourself, be professional, and be nice
  • If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online. The internet is forever
  • It can take time to figure out which social media site fits your personality and style and how to be effective on it
  • Use your author’s name. “WriterJay” might fit my personality, but it’s not going to help me get my name out there or build my author brand

For the full articles:


Normal Blog service will resume next week, although with less information blackouts, I hope. This Indie Block Party has got me thinking…

For more useful Social Media & Networking Tips visit:

6 thoughts on “Social Media and Networking Tips

  1. Thank you so much. I have come to the same conclusions. I read one is supposed to make personal connections on Twitter, but how much time can one end to do this. I find Facebook an easier place to do this, but I also feel working on promoting has taken a huge bite out of creativity and production. I pretty much have decided to spend a couple hours on Saturday for this, as a rule, and go on living my life at other times.


  2. I tend to think the connections you make on blog hops are more helpful as well. More lasting, anyhow. It was great making your acquaintance Roland. If you ever need anything, cover reveal, review, etc. You know where to find me, and my dragons : )


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